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  1. I spent $5,000 and 9 months of my life doing 10 treatments of various laser treatments for my acne (Which was rated as a 7 out of 10) I was told it would take a few months to see improvements, but they never really came. They tried at least 4 different, sometimes very very painful lasers on me. Nothing really worked. The original plan was for 8 treatments, but on the day of my 10th treatment, I just decided not to go back. They said I should try doing 2 more treatments, but I was already over t
  2. I see youre on accutane. I'm on my 10th week now and I'm definately seeing results. Slowly but surely. Keep with it and my best advice is to AVOID all kinds of media that bring you down... music, whatever.
  3. "You should try proactive!" "do you wash your face?" I paid $5,000 for laser treatments that lasted 9 months and did nothing. The lead guy there told me accutane was too dangerous and not right for me. I've seen more results from accutane than from their clinic in only 2 months. "i use clearasil u should try it, works great" my acne is actually 80% red marks thats it
  4. Arr mateys, I be on me 10th week of Accutane, ARrrr, and me face is looking much bett-ARR. I'm afraid that me shoulders and neck arrr not farin' so well, though, lassy. Have any of yeh had a good experience with Accutane and these such regions? Oh yar, and me was on 40 mg for theh first month, 60 for theh 2nd, and I be now half-way through month 3 (and me 5 month course) on 80mg. Thank ye laddies.
  5. If you don't want to read it, don't. No one is forcing you to do so. And grow up.
  6. heh thanks, i have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about anything on this results sheet. i just saw it went up and it made me a little worried
  7. my tryglicerite levels have been around ~135 for my first 2 months of Accutane, but I just got my results back for the 3rd month and it's up to about ~180 now. I haven't been to my doctor yet but an increase that large doesn't feel right. If i have to go off Accutane and only have 2 months of treatment i will probably gut myself like a fish
  8. im on almost done w/ my 2nd month of accutane my skin is 90% clear .. but... along my cheek bones and on my forehead and nose i have dry, flakey, sore, red, and sometimes painful patches.. i use a moisterizing soap and face wash and im ONLY dry in these spots.. i really dont know what to do about these.. im hoping they will go away after time but its a shame to see such great progress only to have this problem now
  9. well, you have my input. Doctor said 0 drinking.
  10. I'm not addicted to alcohol. I know that there are a lot of people that drink on Accutane and I'm trying to investigate whether or not that's okay. I don't want to do any damage to myself. I'm young and I party sometimes, it's not an addiction. my doctor said no drinking on accutane. it already strains your liver enough, which is why they do bloodtests. So drinking could make it even worse and maybe even delay your accutane course by months. I think you need to decide which is more impor
  11. no offense but to be that addicted to alcohol is not good. i guess it's different for everyone but if you aren't wiling to stop drinking to take accutane you probably don't really need it. some people here would give their left leg for clear skin
  12. I'm a male and I can only imagine the hell females have to go through to get this stuff. I'm moving to Canada.
  13. So my doctor's nurse forgot to go to their website and authorize/put in the information so I can get my accutane. The pharmacist won't give me any medicine and now I'm sitting here for who knows how long and I've already been off accutane for 4 days. Fuck you Ipledge. Whoever is responsible for Ipledge I hope will die in a fire, slow and painfully. It would be easier for me to buy crack cocain, an AK 47, and a nuclear missile than to get these pills. It's not enough that my doctor WROTE THE PER
  14. day 30 now seems to be getting better but i still get tinky pink bumps up and down my arm but mostly around the lower bicep/ elbow region