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  1. I was on Accutane about 6 years ago and it helped my acne a lot. I used to often get a lot of huge painful cysts. I am now nearly 28 years old and I do still get acne (damn I thought it be gone by now!), but it's nowhere as bad as it was. I have a lot of scars, which I plan to do something about it in a year or 2 (cos it doesn't really bother me), but what annoys me is the redness (similar to the photos) that don't seem to improve at all ever since I finished taking Accutane (despite dermatologi
  2. 27 this December. Mostly red marks from cystic acne I had during my teenage years till early 20s.
  3. Whoa. Your skin has become so much clearer. Congrats, lady!
  4. I've got moderate acne and I've dated loads of people and as far as I remember, they all either had clear skin or just a little bumps. I would love to date someone who has the same problem as me, though. I'm sure they'd understand how it feels to have such a skin condition.
  5. I just started on my second course of Accutane about one and a half months ago. My first course was like 3 years ago.
  6. I've been on Accutane for almost two months and it's only just recently that I noticed my acne is slowly toning down. The annoying part is that I feel my face flushes more easily, especially when I am so tired. Argh!
  7. 39th day on Accutane (still on 30mg/day). I've got 7 cysts on my neck area. I had only one before Accutane, so I'm sure my "acne getting worse for some time before getting better while on Accutane" period had just started.
  8. This is my third week on Accutane (30mg/day) and I think I've been getting frequent cases of runny nose in the mornings, but it lasts for only 2 hours.
  9. Hey all. My name's Zul. I'm a 24 year old Singaporean Asian dude who has suffered from acne since age 13. My first course of Accutane was in 2006. I remember it worked wonders (dramatically clearer skin, very little oil on my face), but my acne came back like before after a year I stopped Accutane. The reason why only now I decided to try Accutane again was because as soon as my acne made a comeback, the idea of taking Accutane again didn't come across my mind. I lost faith in it. I thought it w
  10. I'm on my sixth day on Accutane (30mg/day). Went for a rather long jog yesterday night and I experienced some pain in the lower back once in a while (lasted for several minutes). I've been jogging long distances for quite some time and I never felt that before, so I am very much positive it's due to Accutane. Guess I'll have to cut down on exercise. My left ankle and right knee still hurts.
  11. Today is my fourth day on my second course of Accutane (first one being three years ago). I can't really remember what dosage was I on for my first course. It was probably a bit low for my body weight, thus the return of the menace. I'm an Asian dude of height 1.76 m (5'9") and 72 kg (158 lbs) weight. Currently on 30mg/day. The doc said he'll increase my dosage over time. My next appointment would be in a month's time. It's only the fourth day and I'm already feeling less oil production and I've
  12. Today is my fourth day on Accutane (second time taking). I took a full course of it 3 years ago and it worked wonders, but the crap returned after a year I stopped. I am so hoping it'll end this crap once and for all this time round. [Edited image link out]