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  1. It had come to a head; when I said "you can't see them," I meant because of the picture. There were actually two right next to each other.. the first one popped this morning before I got in the shower, & the other popped after I got out. Thanks for the help, though. The steam from my shower did help. (:
  2. This seems to be a huge white head with.. another one on top of it? You can't really see the individual whiteheads, but you can definitely see how big it is. I don't know if I should pop it.. or what. It appeared about three to four days ago & got really big yesterday. Any suggestions?
  3. Ok, so. I'm awful at keeping up with this. Now that it's been about two weeks.. I think I'll update. My forehead is cleared. My cheeks are cleared. But my chin.. looks like.. crap? There are two big bumps & some little ones. I think most of what I'm seeing is scarring. /: Yeah.. I won't make any promises about updates. Not that any one cares. (;
  4. Yay for me. My chin is getting increasingly better. Cheeks are looking nice; smooth skin. My forhead however, is being a pain. There is a cluster of bumps, probably from cupping my face in my hands when frustrated/mad/ect. I'll try to keep my hands off of my face; hopefully it will get better. Update tomorrow.
  5. I just wanted to wish you good luck with your regimen. I've been on it for.. ah. I don't know how long. I've gotten pretty good results, though.
  6. Ok, Shelby. You can do this. Daily updates, daily updates. Alright. My chin is being really stupid. I have this huge bump on the shide of my chin.. it's been there for about 4 days. It's not an on-the-surface whitehead, but the area RIGHT on the bump is dry. Any idea what this is? I don't get cysts, so.. I don't have a clue if this is one or not. Argh. The rest of my face is looking REALLY good. Typically, (this is weird) my face looks it's best before I wash my face at night & in the mor
  7. HOORAY FOR ME IGNORING THIS. Still following regimen. Trying to clean up a spot that came up on my cheek & then chin. /: Update.. later.
  8. Good job to me. Not really. I've neglected this for almost a week. Tisktisk. My skin is fairly clear, actually. There were a few rough patches, but the disappeared (for the most part) over these past few days. I've been following my regimen still, & keeping vigilant with it. I'm going to be gone for the next 2 days, but i"ll try and update tomorrow night. thanks for the support, tainteddogma.
  9. Hm. Just remembered someone nasty from when I was in 6th grade. They constantly pointed out majoor zits on my face. Very self-esteem lowering. ]: That could be the worst. People pointing out that you have huge whiteheads. It hurts, you know? It seems like the pimples are all some people see.
  10. I started getting acne around 11 or so. It was.. pretty bad. MY problem areas have always been my chin & cheeks, & occasionally my forehead. Now 14 (it seems like it's been longer), I'm sick of having gigantic craters on my face. So, I'm doing something about it. So I've been on the regimen for.. maybe a month or two. I would say religiously, but I'd be lying. I try to follow the regimen daily, but frankly, I'm lazy. So, some days I didn't wash my face, or apply BP. Recently, my cheeks