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  1. Hoax? No who said that? They are for real they ship their products to me on time, and it works. Their claims are true, if they weren't they'd be shut down by some agency, fda or something. It works for me, works some others on here and works for a friend of mine, what else can i say? More than likely the negativity you see are people from other companies or just people with issues or something i dunno.
  2. I'm not sure what chip you have on your shoulder but your negtive comments are far from productive nor do they help anyone! I toom my time to post in hopes of helping people based on something I tried, so please keep your negativity to yourself, and try to be more helpful
  3. accutane is horrible, people have even attemted suicde on it! Yuck! B5 is good but there are alot of different b5 products out there it really dpeends how they make it, how high the concentrate is, and what else is in the capsule, best thing i have used and still use is clearderma hope this helps
  4. I tried it, with not much luck and it turns your teeth yellow and makes you sensitive to the sun.. i use clearderma
  5. I use this product as well, on my 5th bottle and it's wonderful, I could not ask for anything better. I'm am very greatful that make such a thing, as I wanted to crawl under a rock and hide, and now I feel that I can speak to people and look them in the eye. So yes, try it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Also it's not that expenive when you buy them the way I do 3 at a time i'ts like $30 a bottle
  6. go tan a couple days in a row will do it if not the first time
  7. what's wrong with me posting? did i do something wrong.. i have never really had any advice to post untill now sorry?! -tanya
  8. Hi everyone I have been a lurker in the forums for a long time and suffered from very bad acne i thought there would never be any relief from my daily scrubing, cleansing and treatments. I'm 26 and thought this was crazy for it to be happening to me, and i know what you mean when everyone says they hate to even have to look someone in the eye Well my friend reccomended this product to me i was a little skeptical.. but I had nothing to lose i tried all the other stuff with no progress. I ordered