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  1. its taking these damn topicals long term that would kill me. popping a pill every day is perfectly fine by me. btw.... guys have their own dryness issues? meaning they get real dry down there also?
  2. i dont have a vagina so, im not concerned with that, hah but becuase my derm says its the newest thing and i dont ever have to stop it if i dont want to and she says itll work just as well with virtually no side effects (im scared of the sdie effects)
  3. jesus... i hope thats not me! does the mg have alot to do with the oil leaving? or just the acne?
  4. I start on 5mg a day may 25th... (Im taking low dose continuously).. how long do you think until the oil is gone? Its crazy oily now. thanks!
  5. According to my derm, Im going to be taking 5mg per day for as long as i want. Probably about 5 or so years as Im 18 and thats when I expect to be grown out of acne. My acne is really mild too, especially on differin, but i still get pimples persistantly. It seems every day Ill wake up with a new tiny inflamed pimple with a big white head sticking out of it. my face always looks close to clear (though rough skin and non-perfect skin tone from the creams, and very oily), but thats because Im
  6. so theres no side effects and to ensure that all the oil stays gone. and that all the acne stays gone.
  7. my derm said years... just because the dose is so low.... like the way the celebs do it... justin timberlake and such.
  8. I am scared of side effects so I asked my derm about low dose. She said she has a patient that has been on extremely low dose accutane for over 3 years now and that its working great for her. My derm said its a shitload of money nad you sitll have to get the tests every month so thats why most people dont do it. She siad if I were to be on 5mg a day for approx. 5-10 years or till whenver i grow out of acne, I would have virtually no side effects. I mentioned occasional flushing (not that
  9. no way, this doesnt look good. are people with no hair loss just not responding to this?
  10. I had moderate acne before I started antibiotics a year ago and now its very mild. Im scared of accutanes side effects and wouldnt want to take it except that my face is SO OILY! every 2 hours of my life I have to blot, its such a hassle to be doing it every 2 hours of my waking life! but i have to, its that oily! Id do anything to get my oil level down to normal or at least to the point where i dont have to blot every day. Would accutane be a good choice for me? what would it do for my oily
  11. Did you experience any hair loss on tane? If so, how much?