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  1. I have another question if anyone can help. I was just wondering what the proper safety procedure is for derma rolling. Like, what is the step by step method that you guys use when you're doing it so that your skin doesn't become infected? Do you use rubbing alcohol? etc Any help would be great, thanks. Rob
  2. I plan to go pretty aggressive so that it works! If by day 3 I could pass it off as a a sunburn then I think that would be fine with me. I just dont want to have to be in "hiding" for like a week
  3. I have a question. What kind of downtime is involved with derma rolling? I have a 1.5mm roller which I plan to use and I would like to know how long the healing process is. Can I do it on a Friday night and show up to work on Monday? Will it be noticeable? or will it just look like a sunburn? Also how long would I have to avoid the sun for? cheers, rob
  4. So I bought my 1.5 mm derma roller. I have applied vitamin C for over a month now, and I am now ready to derma roll. The only thing that is holding me back though is the potential downtime after I derma roll. I am trying to fit this perfectly into my schedule so that I can do this with out anyone finding out I did it. I have no idea of how I will look after. Will my face be covered in little red marks from the holes? How long should this last? Would the people who have tried it please
  5. Dude, you can buy them on Amazon or Ebay, or google "Dr. Roller"
  6. It's vitamin A + C cream. Vitamin D won't help much. Vitamin C is what will help the collagen generate.
  7. I think I have just recently found a cure for my scarred pores. For years now I have had a bunch of small holes all over my nose and around my upper cheeks. I am pretty sure these are what we would call scarred pores (black heads use to grow here). So here's what I think has been starting to fix this. About a month and a half ago I decided to cut everything out of my skin care regime. In other words, I started doing NOTHING about my acne. I cut out BP and moisturizer. Cutting out moistur
  8. I really want to get started on fixing up my acne scars. I hate them. I have narrowed my search down to two different treatments. I will either try dermarolling with a 1.5mm needles, or I am looking into E-matrix (Elos technology) that performs a laser treatment that targets the dermis. I have read up a lot of information on both procedures, but I do not know which one to get done. I'm really thinking of doing Dermarolling, but that would mean I would have to go out and find topical Vitami
  9. Today I woke up and just wondered what would happened if I did not try to do anything about my acne--meaning not using anymore creams and moisturizers. I have had bad acne for 10 years now (from 15-25 years old). I went on 3 courses of Accutane, but it still didnt get rid of it. Now I am left wondering at the age of 25 why the fuck I still get this shit. I watch my diet and I am careful of the moisturizers I use. I have been using Benzaclin cream(benzyol peroxide 5%) for 4-5 years now. I h
  10. When using a 1.5mm roller you should wait 6-8 weeks before your next rolling session. It takes this long for the skin to repair the damage that has been done to it. 3-4 weeks is way to short of healing time and you can cause some serious damage to the skin if you do not wait the required 6-8 weeks.
  11. Just to let people know i think the Vitamin A and C should be taken as TOPICALS, not as oral supplements, to achieve the desired effects. Think about it. If you take oral supplements, the vitamin A + C are dispersed throughout the body. But if you place those vitamins on your skin, in the area that needs it, you will get more concentrated amounts of those vitamins where they are needed most. In every article i've read not one has mentions that these vitamins are taken orally, they have all u
  12. I went in for a Matrix rf consultation two weeks ago. This is what my doctor told me. i) There is NO DOWNTIME. She said you will be red for like an hour and then people carry on with their usual routines ii) The procedure works by punching microscopic holes in your face, very much like dermarolling, but use heat to heat the dermis and therefore produce collagen. iii) The procedure MUST be performed once every 4 weeks, for at least 4 seperated treatments (i.e, treatment #1 in Jan, #2 in Feb
  13. hey greg09, do you use this Bio-Oil. I was thinking of getting it. Its cheap and non-greasy. http://www.bio-oil.com/en/uses.html