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  1. Nice one..il try the steam thing...and yes i agree..washing 3 times a day is too much I guess..unless of course its just showering after sport or sumthing... Cheers
  2. Hey gys... A particular problem I am having at the moment is being able to clear my pores out and prevent white heads...I wash my face with face wash but am not convinced that simply rubbing face wash on with ur hands and then rinsing is really clearing the grease out properly..if it were..surely i wouldnt be getting whiteheads!? Could washing 3 times a day rather than two help? Should I use a flanel to help? Are there any products people recommend for really clearing ur pores..because I g
  3. Hi guys..its been a while since I was last posting on here...I went on ro-accutane about 2 years back and that cleared me up..but the acne does still come back moderatly so i do still need to have a strict regime to keep it under control... The regime I'm using works ok..but recently I've been struggling..and hav had a few breakouts..I just thought I would post what I use on here and get some feedback as to ways i might improve it or change things: Morning: Wash face with BP10% lotion and appl
  4. If glass cant stop sound waves totally, uv rays with an even slighter wavelength are not going to be stopped are they!
  5. Hi Yeah can totally relate to this one. I'm 20, and I have a kind of block on going up to girls i really like as i feel my scars let me down...but then you get with a girl thats ok, may not be as hot, but she will be like oh rnt you beautiful y did u pick me..now deep down the answer is because i knew i cud get with you..the day i stop being scared of rejection is the day i will have a chane of meeting the girl of my dreams.. my advice try not to let acne change the way you live, the person t
  6. Hi all, Luckily I havnt had to come on the site for a good while, accutane sorted me out. There is however one question I am yet to find an adequate answer for: How do I A) Fade my old scars, B) Gain healthier, fresher looking skin I am thankful that the worst of my acne appears to be behind me, but I do still get some controllable acne..and my skin still isn't really what you would calle vibrant. Has anyone any tips, either diet related or otherwise, that can help improve your general com
  7. Defect, u sound a straight up guy. Hang in there and respect for what your going through. I respect people that have the courage to overcome their problems because i have an idea of how hard it is. My acne went really bad cysts etc, and i know acne goes away but i found it hard(ro-accutane is helping now). It helped me see life from a different point of view. One of my m8s was really fat back in primary school, i used to stick up for him if people tryed bullying, but only now after having s
  8. My acne is gettin better on accutane but i have red patches on my face. I dont have a clue how to make them go quicker or fade. I use moistorizer at night and thats it. Has anyone got any tips for fading/healing red marks?????????????????????? Please share thoughts L8rz
  9. This site is a real friend when you need one most =D>
  10. Over xmas i was on oxytetrocycline. I drank too much at a party and threw up. i had tons(intheregion of 7 cans of bitter and spirits too). Over xmas i had a major breakout, i had to go to a and e to sort it as it infected my cheek. my advice- dont mix large amounts of booze with the oxytetrocycline. l8rz
  11. I wear it too, but thankfully I havnt got issues with my sexuality so wearing it is ok. No1 has commented on it so they must'nt b able to tell. I hate wearin it but i have pretty bad acne and its all over ma face. I hope accutane clears me. ](*,)
  12. I get pissed off with ma spots, its fuckin harsh but...... things could be worse. I have moderate/ severe acne all over ma face, lumps, red marks, scabs and shit but... at least I aint starving or dying of a terminal ilness. I just pray that when they go i will be able to find the confiedence they have taken away for what seems like ages. l8rz ](*,)
  13. hi dawn, that was harsh hearing that, and totally out of order. try to ignore people like that i would have gone sick if they had done it to me. hang in there, we are there 4 ya. l8rz
  14. Im 67 KG (148 pounds) and i'm on 30mg a day. I have been on this for 1 month and the spots are still there and so are the cysts. I do get dryish lips. I feel i may need a slightly higher dosgae to help my acne to clear (it was diagnosed as moderate to severe). It gets to me that you can't see improvements, be patient is the hardest thing! L8rz
  15. I hate the way acne plays on your mind. I try not to let it affect me but i don't have that extra confidence you need with girls... i mean if i didnt have acne i'd be much more confident. I get girls checkin me, but you always think "they checkin me or my acne". Ro-accutance should help it go though. My love life is on hold whilst i have the degree of acne i have. What a bitch acne can be. ](*,) l8rz