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  1. can u get a prescription stronger than one percent i have been using retin a for a couple of years and my skin has gotten so used to it my skin doesnt even peel anymore (which it needs to)
  2. which is better for post inflammatory hyperpigmenation which one would make me peel more but safely? and what percentage should i start with? and should i get it unbuffered? i have had light jessner peels before by a derm in the past and it worked fine but i was looking for something to do at home to speed the process up i am dark skinned also. thnx
  3. greastest site ever for advice!
  4. well i am dark skinned and have pih i was thinking about buying a package of laser genesis but i heard it wasnt helpful i mean how good are the jessner peels? u think i should buy a package of jessner peels to get rid of my discoloration and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is mostly on my forehead and cheeks been having it for a minute now. also should i use retin a and hydroquine 5 percent while i am doing the peels? k thnx.
  5. so i am basically wasting my money on this not really my money care credit? they told me it would take away my post inflammatory hyper pigmentation completly
  6. really no positive results what were u getting the treatments for and what skin color are?
  7. well i bought a packege to do 4 of em for 1400 with carecredit has anyone had this done before and know if it brightens your complexion because i have post inflammatory hyperpigmenation/discoloration all over my face and trying to clear it up. i am dark skinned also plz help thnx.
  8. aight 30 views and not a reply i try being patient with this site but it gets on my nerves sometimes geez.
  9. just wondering i am dark skinned and i bought a package 5 laser genesis's for 1400 do u think it is worth it and does this treat post inflammatory pigmentation i am trying to get rid of this completly.
  10. so cosmelan wouldnt work for dark marks or red marks just for hyperpigmenation?