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  1. ahh i was on proactiv for around a year.. and like many others i experienced intial sucess. however for as long as i can remember it did nothing pretty much... my skin would frequently break out. then i switched to the CSR www.ance.org/regimen and stopped using proactiv.. i can honestly say it was a move for the better... i was very hesitant about stopping proactiv... but im so glad i did... i strongly recommend the CSR...
  2. evening/morning just quickly. i spot treat with 10% BP (Galdemra). however all i do is put a little dab on a spot.. and it doesnt rub in , just sits thier.. and during the night would usually crust somewhat... so my question is ; "Do i need to actually rub the BP in for it to be effective? (could this be a stupid question? sorry if it is :S ) Thanks in Advance, (SP?!)
  3. HOLY SHIT MATTAUS... are u telling me you take 20,000 IU of vitamin A a day? because your honestly putting your liver under a dangerous amount of pressure... the maximum recommended amount of Vit A for an adult is 8,000 IU... Good luck mate..
  5. lol, my eyebrows get lighter as they go lateral.... they look professioanlly tipped lol. doesnt really bother me
  6. plus a better quality foundation... (in the nicest possbile way..)
  7. 17, had sex so many time ive lost count and no they werent all drunk one off's lol. i dont think acne has affected me lol.... fk it.. hit 'n' split?! ahha nah i guess im just a mad player or some [email protected] lol jks
  8. yeah same as tap. i only moisturize in the morning, usually only on my cheeckbones and jawline, and its very light.. other wise my skin FEELS oilly. it isnt actually oilly just feels horrible.. i think the moisturizer is good if you suffer the red irritated side effects of BP; and of course flaking...
  9. i only moisturizer once a week or so, even then its only during the day.
  10. I've been on the CSR for 3 weeks now and ive got good results, however i havent been moisturing for about a week, day or night. i was on proavtice and dont have very sensitive skin, so im used to BP. However im afraid if i use moisturizer ill break out im currently using "nutrogena Skin clearing Moisturiser" its got salayic acid and 'natural plant extracts'. wats got me worried is it doesnt say anywere thats its non-comogenic (sp?) it says oil free, but im worried. Any experts that can help m
  11. lol, u cant just get accutance. plus its a harsh drug. just go the pop on taht website carolyn gave you. Needle those suckers
  12. Yeah i think sea water is good for the skin. my thoery is the salt is crystalised (sp?) after u get out. it then exfoliates and cleans the skin, then the crystal eventually evaporates just a thoery. But i wouldnt go bathing in the stuff. also id go surfing, f**k your skin, have fun - enjoy it while you can.
  13. Ben0


    yeah i meant to pick up sme 10% Bp today, but i forgot... i was so self concsious about my skin that i forgot to by BP... i dont think i could use it all over tho. it would prob tear my face apart. wouldnt be the greatest site. im thinking about spot treating the bad ones tho... my zits seem to have gone down since this morning. i dont think its that bad now. it really goes to show that u shouldnt pop them. (sp?) lol
  14. ^ | Same.. Damo and i must have got budget photographers..