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  1. Do you trust him to do your subcision? I know Mr. Matt has had amazing results with him, but I still worry because there's literally no more reviews on his work out there.
  2. Hi all, Has anyone, besides Mr. Matt, gone to Dr. John DeSpain in Columbia, MO for acne scar treatment? I'd like to have him treat me, but there's not much info about him out there besides what Mr. Matt has provided. Please let me know. Thanks
  3. Robertitoo, I admire how optimistic you are. I truly do. However, what qualifies you to make a statement like this: "2-4 subcisions, 1-2 resurfacing and 2-5 rounds of permanent filler by an extremely experienced derm/surgeon would get you close...this is assuming your face looks like this (notice the fat loss on left cheek)"? I know you try to help people and I am grateful for that. In all my research on acne scars, I have never heard of such a thing as you are describing. I myself have undergo
  4. Hi all, I have not seen a single before and after picture of a dermal graft procedure. Have any of you? There is a thread on here titled dermal grafts, in which a girl talks about her "successful" outcome. However, she posted no before and after pictures. Isn't that strange? Why would you not do that? Seems like a trend on here. I just don't understand. Please let me know if you can help me in any way. Thank you.
  5. bloodwar44, I really believe those opinions were based on the surgeons' inabiltiies. Have you seen the post titled "dermal grafts"? The poster went to a surgeon in australia for her dermal grafts and was very pleased with the outcome. Also, according to my understanding, aren't the grafts placed under the scar tissue to lift the tissue up? It's not stitched onto the surface... so why would it look bad? I might be misinformed.
  6. bloodwar44, Did you get the dermal graft procedure done? It seems like a great option. I'm personally considering it... if I find a good surgeon for it, that is. tracy521, they performed a dermal graft procedure on him, right? or are you saying his hole filled in by itself?
  7. @Robertitoo, if someone were to tell me I'd get results like those seen in the pic, I'd do everything I could to get that 10K. By the way, what makes you think I haven't already seen a derm? @bloodwar44, you sure about that? It looks pretty damn good in the pic... I can't imagine it being too far off in real life. Slightly different color skin patch isn't anything some makeup couldn't fix. It's better than a bunch of indentations that no makeup in the world can make disappear, no?
  8. How's it so impossible to get rid of our acne scars when something like THIS is possible? (Take look at picture). It just doesn't make sense to me. Can't they like remove a bulk of our skin like in the picture and put in new skin so we can achieve a similar result? It just seems so insane to me that this is such a huge issue with no real solution.