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  1. Man, Im desperate in my scars but I think this one wouldn't help. Dang!.. sandpaper!..
  2. That's a sweet fantasy.... Please show us some pics?... is freezing and TCA the same thing? Is TCA good????? Lastly, What are the procedures that you think did great help???...
  3. Im about to start my TCA peel next week for my shallow scars.. and pores.. and semolina's testimony is freaking me out.. what's you're skin texture? im asian (chinese-filipino)..
  4. Can anyone send me the link or the website that was done by the Koreans regarding TCA that was sooo convincing.....
  5. I see.. but i think this is the next best thing. I hope it would be good for boxscars and rolling scars. It was just approved last year and practiced this year though.
  6. Anyone of you had tried this one? They say its permanent and forms inside your skin for 3mos. filling the scar.
  7. Some says its the only effective way to totally remove acne scars??? Any truth>
  8. Three things that are quite commonly used here... TCA peeling.. Fraxel... Needling....
  9. Apply straight on the face? then wash it off after? Once a day would be okay right?