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  1. OK, I have been taking Amnesteem since May 28th, 2010. The first 6 months or so were wonderful. I had some minimal side effects, but my skin was beautiful (very dry, but beautiful). I started out taking 40 mg per day, and moved up to 40/80/40/80 to give me an average of 60mg per day. I did have to go back to 40mg per day for a little over a month due to my triglycerides going up significantly in January. In December, I got a breakout on the right side of my face- just the right side. I cou
  2. So, I started taking Amnesteem on Friday - May 28th. I am nervous, but hoping all goes well. My lower back really hurts right now (has all day), but I am not sure if that could be from the meds or if maybe I just slept wrong. I guess we will see. My throat seems a little dry today. I am currently on taking 40 mg once a day, hoping next month to move up to 80 mg.
  3. I really love my Urban Decay Good Karma brushes. I also have kabukis similar to the lumiere brushes, and they are great as well! Good luck in your search.
  4. Well, the jojoba oil sample was working great- then I got sick for a few weeks, and did not stay on the regimen, so now I have the worst breakout I have had in years. So, I am holding off on the jojoba until it is under control- sticking to the simple Cleanser, BP and Moisturizer format. Once I have cleared again, I will add the jojoba oil back in. I just want to start back with a clean slate so I can confirm for certain that the jojoba oil does not break me out.
  5. I am absolutely loving this so far. I use a few drops immediately after washing my face, while it is still wet, and it has really helped eliminate any flakes. So far, I have not broken out any from it, but I will keep you posted. My face feels very soft and smooth after using.
  6. Molly- I have attached a picture of the StayPut hair ties that were mentioned earlier in the thread. They have what almost looks like rubber grips around them. I can't speak for your hair, but they stay in my hair very well, and I have never had one break.
  7. Day 10 of using the makeup: (I skipped a few days, being lazy) still not completely impressed. Without having a finishing or setting powder, I have been finding that the makeup rubs off very easily. The light is too yellow- hopefully the manufacturer has some other shades for cooler toned skin. I also agree with others- the texture is very chaulky. If my skin is the least bit dry (though I have oily skin, it happens sometimes), the makeup sits on top and does not blend into the pores- this
  8. This is why I have been afraid to post my before and after pics on the site. The fact that someone can just come to the site and steal content to use it for their own purposes is scary. I hope Dan is able to stop this instance.
  9. I love Joppa, and my last order was very fast. The coverage is great. I also love that when I wear it, people comment on how wonderful my skin looks, not how great my makeup looks. Their customer service has greatly improved, and they appear to have hired more people to assist. Don't get me wrong, I have also done really well with Everyday minerals, but I belive Joppa looks more natural on me. As far as EM is concerned, what Finishing powder have you been using? The standard finishing dust
  10. Day 2- I used a different brush this morning than my normal kabuki, and the makeup went on a little lighter than yesterday- still a little too yellow, but not as noticeable. I do agree with Funsince1983 that it seems chalky at first, but after it is on the skin for a few minutes, it settles down, though I am not sure how it would be with someone who has dry skin. The coverage is still good, and I did not have trouble with it wearing off today. I also did not have to blot my face all day-yay!!
  11. Okay- so I tried the light sample yesterday. First impressions- it goes on very smoothly and covers very well. First problem- the color is way too yellow for me. For the purposes of this trial run, it will be fine, but I would not wear something this yellow normally. When wearing mineral makeup, I usually put a dusting of finishing powder or balancing dust on before I apply the foundation to assist with oil control, but I did not want to introduce anything else for this test. The makeup a
  12. I have to say that while I do agree that Cetaphil is significantly cheaper than Dan's moisturizer, I also know that for many people (me included), Cetaphil is not the best choice. I have extremely oily skin, and though Cetaphil does an amazing job of taking care of flakes and moisturizing my skin, it also leaves an oil slick on my face, which feels and looks disgusting. That said, compared to other moisturizers such as NHSF, Aveeno Ultra Calming, Complex 15, etc. (which all come in sizes 4 oz.
  13. I have really oily skin, so I usually put a layer of silk powder, balancing powder, or finishing dust on first, then use my kabuki to apply the foundation. Once I am happy with the coverage, I use the concealer to get any spots that the foundation did not cover. Then, I apply blush, followed by silk powder, sunscreen powder, or finishing dust over the top. Since you have the little sample jars, I would suggest tapping a little at a time out onto a clean plate or bowl, so you are not trying to
  14. Sorry to hear you are having shine issues with Dan's moisturizer, Shlnsengumi. I have extremely oily skin, and I have to say I have been a lot less shiny these 2 days since I started using the moisturizer...I guess that just goes to show how different our skins can be as individuals.