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  1. I was just thinking about you and wanted to remind you how proud I am that you made it through this whole thing. You had such a rough trip, but stuck through it when others would have given up long ago. Oh yeah - and I was also gonna just say HEY! Hey Kristen! - Ben-jammin
  2. YAY KRISTEN!!! Well, I don't have any good suggestions for maintenance, but I know that because my skin has gotten more sensitive due to the tane, I've switched to the organic (less chemical-ly) ones. But, most girls know to do that already, so this may be just blah. what that means, I don't know. but just blah. So how awesome is that that you are finally done!!! You've been waiting SO long for this! I'm actually quite relieved that I don't have to tell you to just hang in there! Cause you
  3. Kristen! That's fantastic to hear! Only 7 more days! Wahoo!!! and you keep going on vacation! what's up with that? I feel like such a loser when I compare my non-vacationing self to you! But I know - so weird to not have a greasy face at the end of the day, or even to feel like you need to constantly wipe it off with a rag, ya know It's weird for me to feel comfortably dry at the end of the day - but i'm still doing pretty good. The only problems are some due to having facial hair - like ing
  4. Kristen! How are you? It must now be all over for you. How is it holding up? How do you feel? It's been so long since I've talked to you! I miss it! Well, I hope all is Great! - Ben
  5. Wahoo! well yeah, if it needs to take its time, best to let it, eh? It's good to hear that you're cool with it! but hey - i made you something the other day... - Ben ps - happy new years! oh man that looks so cheesy, being right above mine. like his-and-hers. ugh. i'll get over it. maybe I should've made you one with a different log... hmm...
  6. KRISTEN!!! Hey You! needless to say, so exciting to hear back from you as always! so is the calculation the total amount per day x how many days you were on it? if so, my calculation for myself adds up to 25,600mg. Somehow, that's disgustingly nowhere near yours. Have I done something wrong? I took 80mg twice a day (160mg) for 160 days - July 2nd to Dec 9th. I guess we could count in the fact that a few of those days (combined) equal a missed day or two, but still... So 160 x 160 - 25,600
  7. yo - well congrats on startin! as for your doubling up the treatment with tane/proactive, well I'm not a doctor, but I think it'd be best to just do one or the other (doing just tane in this case). Cause once it really starts kicking in, you might dry out your face way too much. especially if you're doing hours of that mask instead of 15 minutes. And since tane has a thing about drying out skin, almost as if to get rid of the old 'bad' skin and start anew, I'd just let it do its thing alone.
  8. KRISTEN!! well of course I'll still visit! this adventure isn't over till you're satisfied with it! And yeah, I did finish. But of course, no noticeable changes. Still dry and all that I can't expect that to just die down right away. My roommate's boyfriend said that he had to deal with dry lips for a while after he finished his course. So I'll just accept that. But I am worried about becoming oily again. I've been so not-oily that it's just felt nice at the end of the day to not be rushi
  9. Holla! well my thanksgiving was good - in Nashville this year - just my dad, stepmom, sis, and nephew this time. Normally there are about 30 other people listed, ya know? but nashville was cooler than I expected (it was my first time there). but the highlight was seein spanky, my pup so again, great to hear that you had a great vacation! but 4-5 drinks a day - wow! well, I'm sure if I were on a vacation, I'd be doin it too. just as long as you don't do that every day And, yeah - I feel ba
  10. Kristen! Wahoo! Well it's fantastic to read that great news!! And yay for having a great vacation! I'm glad you didn't burn horribly or anything - cause then i'd feel bad for not somehow stopping you from goin out in the harsh sun. So your last month?! Awesome! Isn't it insane how long it's been?! well, fyi - it is. So do tell more about what's goin on with ya. I won't write about myself in here, since it's your log n all I'm just happy to hear you happy and doin well. - Ben
  11. Kristen! bah - I haven't given up on you yet. and if it makes ya feel any better, guess who's been breaking out lately And it was my thought that now that you're on 80, you'll start seeing results. but I'm not a doctor. You should be excited for vacation either way! you don't wanna look back on these times and regret hiding yourself from the beach when you had the chance! I know I'd be pissed, when I'm old and my boobies (as a man, yes) are sagging, I'd be pretty pissed at the young-me for hi
  12. It's been a long trip, but don't give up just yet. I believe it'll work. just not in a timely fashion, I guess. maybe you were meant to be on a higher dosage from the beginning, but now that you are, it should start to kick in. Hang in there, kristen! -Ben
  13. Hey Kristen I hope you're feelin good and havin a good time all the time! Even though you may not be too happy about your skin right now. But wait a sec - you said "so, i'm not on 80mg... which i'm happy about" but I thought you were... no? And you're lucky to be goin somewhere tropical soon! I'll be going to colder places, and I'm gonna have to be happy about it As for sunblock, i'd just say the usual - load it on. and as for drinkin, well as far as I know - because accutane can fuck up
  14. Kristen!! Chin up kiddo! Although you may feel hopeless, and think that this will be an everlasting journey for you, I still have hope. Not because I'm doin arright on my journey, but because I just know it'll be ok. And it's a funny thing that everytime I post somethin up, I come up with so many changes I forgot to mention, later on. Bloody nose nonstop (well, it's not always pouring out, but always signs of it when I blow my nose every 15 minutes); dry eyes - like, I can't look up for long
  15. HOLLA! Day 120 (again wow). Well, nothing has really changed much since I last posted, but then again, I didn't expect anything to. I guess the scars or the red spots on my back seem to be fading - so that's a change, eh? and a good one! I also haven't had any real bad breakouts in like, a week or 2. hmm... weird to say that. and i didn't realize it until now really. Well, I had one on my upper back. A full-grown one - one of those ones that you didnt even see coming, then BAM! it's read