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  1. After 2 months of being on Ziana and Solodyn, my derm upped my dosages. So, I started using Atralin, Aczone, and Solodyn 80mg. Two months after that is when my skin started being clear. Now, I am just dealing with the hyperpigmentation left from the acne.
  2. I know I haven't been on here for a while.. I wanted to log on post an update on how my skin is doing because most Solodyn logs I saw were incomplete and no ending results were noted. So, anyway, I was on Solodyn 60mg and Ziana for 2 months. I was still getting some inflammation and clogged pores. Then, my Dr put me on Atralin, Aczone, and Solodyn 80mg for 2 months. After those 2 months of the new regimen, my skin looks 99% better! My derm told me that I can start taking the Solodyn 80mg every o
  3. My skin is healing from the break out I just had for the past 2 weeks! It made my skin get to its worst... I have a lot of red and purple marks from them. They were nodules that wouldn't surface or go away. Finally, they surfaced though. Now my skin looks all irritated from them surfacing and healing... I'm so lucky to have a boyfriend that loves me for who I am.. I my skin is at its worst it ever been.. hopefully, it all goes up from here.
  4. My face broke out again... This time it was all under the skin and there was three of them and one was massive. I'm not sure why I broke out this way with acne all under the skin. It was really embarrassing and I'm still recovering from it. Right now they are scabbing up... at least they are drying out I guess. I am just ready to see improvement and stop breaking out! I keep thinking that my only resolution is to find another birth control.. Can someone please shed some light on this for me? I'm
  5. I still have a good amount of blocked pores and inflammation. My Dr upped my dose to 80mg Solodyn and 5% tretinoin (Atralin) and added Aczone (morning cream) to my regimen. I've read good things about to Aczone, and my doctor said I should see good results in about 3 to 4 weeks with this new regimen. I am excited to see how things go. *Fingers crossed!*
  6. Every time I think that my face is finally clearing up, I experience another break out.. It is pretty discouraging.. Despite that, I feel like my breakouts are unclogging my pores. I still have a good amount of tiny clogged pores and a lot of hyper pigmentation. Besides that, my face is pretty calm right now. Just a few tiny active pimples.. Second month is almost over. I hope the third month will show optimal results!! Also.. I'm on my fifth month of taking my birth control (after screwing up
  7. Everytime I feel like my face is finally calming down, a breakout proves me wrong... I broke out again this week.. I hate my skin.. I don't know if these medications will be my answer... I am very impatient. I honestly think that I just need to change my birth control because it is obviously hormonal (breakouts being on my lower cheeks and jawline). Tri-Sprintec and Tri-Nessa has worked for me since I was 19 (23 now), but obviously my hormones have changed. If I do this, should I switch to Yaz
  8. So, I had a breakout this week it sucked.. I think it had to do with this being my period week. I accidentally skipped my inactive sugar pills for my birth control (long story).. It is said that many girls do this to skip their period on a special occasion, so it is okay. I didn't do this intentionally though. My period was delayed, but it still came. A lot of my clogged pores on my right jawline came up and unclogged, thank God. I am currently past my breakout and still dealing with a few clog
  9. The clogged pores are still surfacing with white heads along my jawline and cheeks. My face seems to be clearing, I think... My t-zone is really smooth and clear! I hope I start seeing a drastic difference soon!! I really want these clogged pore bumps to go away!!
  10. Wow so I found out my make-up, Bare Minerals, might be the thing that is clogging up my pores! It contains mineral oils and other ingredients, like talc and bismuth, which irritates the skin! Plus, I use Benefit's Boiing concealer, and it is used on my affected areas.. So, I decided to go for Tarte foundation and concealer (paraben and oil free), and tomorrow I am going to buy a pur-minerals primer. The Tarte foundation covers more so I don't have to pack on the concealer.. and the primer is als
  11. I'm glad you found something that works for you! Are you taking name brand Orth-Tri-Cyclen? I think I will ask my derm to put me on name brand when I go back for my check up.
  12. Everything is still surfacing and a few of my pimples get inflamed... probably from me trying to pop them. I know it is horrible for my skin, but I don't like to walk around with big bumps on my face! My skin tone and texture has never looked worse I don't think... I feel depressed. Today, I went to workout for the first time in a month and I think it's most likely cause I get too depressed to get out of bed for anything other than work and school (the things I NEED to get up for).. I feel horre
  13. I am taking Tri-nessa, which is what I have been taking for years, and I accidentally messed up order of my birth control over the summer so my derm said she will keep me on that for a while and see if things will get regulated again.. Tri-nessa has worked for me up until this summer, but I think it is because I have adult onset acne. Maybe I should get on name brand Ortho-Tri Cyclen because my body has obviously changed in result of my horrible skin. She prescribed me Solodyn which is a antibio
  14. So at the beginning of the 2nd week my blackheads were surfacing. As the week came to an end, a lot of my clogged pores were surfacing as tiny whiteheads, and of course I just HAD to extract those little things! they weren't that bad though. Two of the whiteheads on my left cheek got inflamed though. I was not going to pop those but they got kinda big and I don't like big bumps on my face so I popped those last night... probably got inflamed from working two stressful and tiring double shifts at