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    Hello I'm of accutane about 6 weeks now, however I have some redness and scars left as you can see. Does anyone have any advice at all on what to do? Will they gradually fade over time? what type of scarring is it? Any home remedies? Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hello I've been on accutane for just over 6 months. I am on 60m/g at the moment. My acne has improved, I am not get any spots really. However I still have acne. I will be on it for another 2 months. So 8 months total. Just wondering will it still work. Am I just taking longer than other people? Please help
  3. Hi guys I decided that I would start an accutane blog to show you my progress and also to give anyone else support along their journey or to discuss my life while on accutane. . I am now just over week 3 and I will include a photo of that. I hope to make this process easier for me and also for everyone else who is on accutane or thinking about it. Side affects so far are slightly chapped lips and a little rash on my arm. I am currently on 30mg for the first two months anyways.