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  1. sutadesign

    Clear Skin Regime

    My Day-by-Day Steps toward clear skin useing the regime.
  2. sutadesign

    issue with csr cleanser....

    Does this really help washing your face quickly, It thought it would be much better to take your time and be gentel
  3. sutadesign

    issue with csr cleanser....

    I have the same issue, but its ok, because as long as I keep the moisterizer and bp it looks just fine.
  4. sutadesign

    Clearasil Ultra

    Yeah I used the stuff about 2 weeks and all it did was make my face oily and flacky, if you use it I would recommend a good moisterizer.
  5. sutadesign

    Thinking about getting the cleanser and Bp

    Me myself thinks that the cleanser is alsome and I would recommend it to anyone, and the bp lotion you cant beat it. If I was you I would use it because if your still have minor breakouts, why not use it and have no breakouts at all, plus it keeps your skin fresh.
  6. I havent had a serious relationship every since my acne got noticable. Thats been about 2 years now, I think its normal because no girl wants a guy thats insecure about themselves. I have talked to girls but never got serious enough to have a relationshiplately, and now that I have started clearing up, my cofidence is growing day-by-day. A class clown can have plenty of things wrong with him and everyone still likes him because he stands out and doesnt care what people think. Its hard for us t
  7. I think that I would be alot confortable around people, because, its nice not worry about someone looking at a huge bump on your face. Plus waking up in the mourning and not having to worry about weather or not your face looks better or worse would be a great felling.