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  1. After 5 months: I want it to endddddddd lolz. I look so OLD. It's crazy how much I've aged. I used to be mega vain and checking myself out in selfies, now I don't take pics because i know i wont like what i see. I hope it corrects itself. Anywayy been clear for a month (ish but basically clear). Lips still not bad at all! I sometimes worry i'm not absorbing it fully cos its a cake walk compared to last time. I ache but that's it really. I seem to be covered in scratches which is
  2. After 4 months: Skin had a dodgy dry spell but is levelling out now with addition of cerave body cream as facial moisturiser. Torn toenail getting wider across, i'm hoping it'll grow out and be ok. Excited to finish. I often feel quite lifeless. I wake up with anxiety every morning though i'm not sure if that started happening before or after accutane. It'd be nice if i become ultra chirpy when i finish. 2 more months to go...sigh. No oily hair is nice though. I have one spot on jaw, bit so
  3. After 3 months 2 weeks: My levels of anger and ability to rant have been off the charts on accutane. I really hope it dies down afterwards and its not just my personality lolz. Lips still shockingly ok if somewhat uncomfortable, especially when I go out for drinks or dinner etc which is odd. I really notice it then. Face has been drier than usual suddenly whereas until now it's been amazingly good. I have more spots than normal at the mo almost all jawline. I'm hoping it's a li
  4. After pretty much 3 months: Derm has put me on 3 more months worth of 40mg. I'm so sadddd. Thought itd be over soon. Starting to feel more mood effects and tailbone is hurting. ah well. Lips not dreadful which is something.
  5. After 2 months 2 weeks: Back and chest acne now a thing of the past. Facially I'd say less than before, jawline I'd say slightly more. My pelvis area and ankles are worst effected by joint pain. It's very frequent. Doesnt stop me exercising though. Hair isnt great but it might be imagination. Lips passable. They are usually good in the day but very dehydrated by night. Odd. Skin dryness pretty good! Avene hydrance creme= A1 Vaginal dryness now less of an issue.
  6. After 2 months: Been on 40mg for a month now. It's really fine to be honest, better than the first round so far. Lips annoyingly dry but rarely painful as such. Skin less dry because I have more expensive skincare these days. Especially la roche Posey. Thats great. Cerave cream also ace for hands and rashes and even lips. I ran to an appointment the other day and I just broke lol. Joints especially ankles are a bit killer. But I'm really ok. Hilariously I'm more scared about birth control t
  7. Almost 2 weeks: Thrush...lol and I never get that. My hair seems like it's all over me. Skin not great not bad. More spots than usual on chest. Angrier than usual.
  8. After 1 week at 20mg: Only one pressure headache this week (the day after I began) which is a huge improvement compared to first round. I have a nailbed issue with minor amounts of blood and discharge (that happened a lot lot later last time, odd). I shooted ayurveric Indian shampoo into my eye (lolz) and was really injured for two days, worried. Seems to be over now. I always get paranoid about the eyes and accutane as they are a defining feature and need to stay the same lol :,( I suppo
  9. 4 years later and I'm a little sorry to say that I have been mildly relapsing for a while so accutane, come at me again you beautiful horrible mofo Dont get me wrong accutane was a miracle for me. I dont exactly NEED to go back on it but I think it's a good idea because I'm a teacher of english as a second language and am never ever in the UK anymore. Whenever I flare I think to myself god damn how will I ever go back on accutane. Now..cos of lockdown I'm finally in the uk for the
  10. 23 days post accutane: Very happy. Yes my skins still too dry for makeup to not stick in pores etc, lips slightly drier than pre accutane but perfect compared to when on accutane, i get around two spots per week. They scare me but if they continue just like this i'll be happy. I thank God for freeing me of this horrible condition and pray it never comes back to anyone whose considering it, go for it, only if your acne deeply effects your life, cos accutane is gonna do that too for a good while.
  11. 9 days POST accutane :D : My lips are HEALED. Huzzah. I am thrilled. I was freaking a bit earlier in the week as i got about 4 small little bumps/spots on my face but i'm hoping that was my body settling because theyve cleared now. Im still pretty achey, gonna start the gym tomorrow so im hoping not as achey as before. Facial oil has not returned, i dont really mind if it does it was never a big issue for me. Hair oil is another thing but that also hasnt come back substantially. All is well, le
  12. aww have you haha, sweet. i didnt think anyone did anymore. I am FINISHED, so happy to say that. I actually had 60mg more to go, but i figured in the grand scheme of things it will make no difference after six months. I cant take it anymore, its really harshing my buzz. This is the end of my blog and hopefully the end of acne, if God wills :)
  13. 4 days to go: I finally (took enough bloody time) made a concoction which eases my corner mouth cracks so that i can eat without pain. i mix vitamin e oil with honey with aloe vera with two drops of tea tree oil. works very well. im still chapped but the pain is minimized. ahhhh. i got bad leg pain today from standing too long. so happy im finishing soon, so scared of relapse! Saying a lot of prayrs
  14. thats the point im presuming that one week will make no difference due to the fact that the drug is accumulative. Surely a week isnt going to affect relapse risk much