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  1. aloha, i have read some of your posts. i have jawline acne. it flared after a lot of stress. has yours cleared up?

  2. WoW, you all rock. So the no meat is ayurvedic. The doc say I have to avoid any toxins and the fish has mercury from the sea, and the meat, even if it is hormone free etc stil might have a level of toxins just from the other animal metabolizing the environmental toxins whethe it be water or air. What is accunatural? Hmmm, i didn't even think that is might be the mac makeup. I used to use Clinique which was good and then I switched to mac as i was not having issues for a while after accutane. T
  3. Thanks! I will try the quinoa. Foods I don't eat: Meat Fish Coffee or black tea Bread that is not sprouted No wheat No dairy except organic hormone free egg Only almond and walnuts..no other nuts No sweet fruits, just blueberry, rasberry and acai and sour cherry No sugar My skin looks like the worst it has look since before accutane. I have been crying all morning not able to work or do anything. I am going back to the way I was paralyzed by this condition. The worst is the red spots. They m
  4. no help at all, sometimes worse...the only part that works is the combination skin mask. it makes the redness go down.
  5. Fade em with lustra af.. Hyrdoquionone cream. it works very vey fast. get it online at a canadian pharmacy as they don't require prescription.
  6. My ayurvedic doc told me i could eat it. but I just read on here people have to give it up. What can I eat for breakfast then? All i eat is eggs and oatmeal. I do smoothie with non sweet fruit and almond milk, but sometimes I need to feel warm. Oatmeal, real oats are not too glutenous...so..?
  7. Just a little suggestion: Even when clear off accutane, use retinoyls to maintain. I did not and now, my face looks like it did when I started. I am back to obsessiing in the mirror rubbing everything I can get my hands on to get rid of the marks, the scabs, the bumps, little ones don't get away either. Ican't believe I am still on this board. I just want to be free of this. I am now a total vegan, I don't eat bread, I only eat brown rice, veggies, sour fruits. No soy. I eat nuts. I eat NO frie
  8. Wow, it has been 14 months off. I cleansed because accutane really gave me toxic liver as well as low immune system. I am still fighting chronic yeast. The cleanse made my skin problems come back, except cysts. I have only has one cyst since being off, but still annoying spots and pimples. I just stopped the cleanse and started using glycolic acid. It is working, and I think my skin may get better again. However, I definitely don't have perfect skin anymore. Oh well, it does come back if you end
  9. pretty pic....hope accutane worked for you

  10. Month 8 A cyst on my neck. I used to get them there. Also, the cleanse made me get tiny little pimples on my forehead. They are only seen upfront. It looks like my post tane consists of one cyst a month. They are small cysts. I am sure the tiny ones on forehead are from cleanse. I never get pimples there. Over all still very clear. My brown marks are almost all gone. See you next month.
  11. month 7 i started a liver cleanse and had the first cyst come out since tane on my forehead. it was small and left in 3 days. i also picked a little, but did not obsess as much. i am getting 2 or so small pustules on jaw line again. other than that no acne. we'll see. my skin is still looking good. i am getting some blackheads again buyt not as much and the oil is back but not as much. i still have indents and scars. I am overall happy still. one cyst every 7 months is not bad. anyway, i am sur
  12. Month 5 off accutane ok, tiny little micro pimples on forehead. not a lot and you can't see them unless you are super up close. They go away in one night with bp. They don't bother me though cuz i can't even see them unless i am up close in mirror. Also, 1 or 2 small pustules come out a month. They pop super easily. I did mess with one and ripped the skin around it. I realized how much my skin problem in the past was because of my picking. Cuz this pustule was the size of a crumb, but messing w
  13. thanks goody Month 4 off accutane A few blackheads return, but literally like 2 or 3. And they easily came out. Notice 3 tiny micropimples on forehead. So small you cant see. I am just using vit c serum so no retinyls. I use Bp on the micro pimples. They are so small I couldn't care less. Have not had any cysts on my face. I had a small nodule on my neck behind my hair in the back. I notice that anything that comes out is very incidental and comes and goes very quickly. I am still overall very