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  1. Same thing happened to me almost two years ago. I developed horrible eczema and seborrheic dermatitis that fluctuates from good and bad. At its worse my entire face is beet red with tons of flaking, crusting skin with the sensitivity being so extreme that even the smallest waft of air causes incredible pain. At my skin's best there is no to very minimal/unnoticeable flaking and there is no acne. Those are the only times I feel confident in myself. I thought acne was the worst thing to happen t
  2. People usually mean well when they give pointers on acne and other skin conditions. But it is with no finesse and social awareness they completely embarrass you, sometimes in front of a crowd of other people. The only people I want to hear stuff from is the doctor I go to or another person with bad acne/dermatitis.
  3. I remember when I was so full of life. I remember when I was beautiful, when women were attracted to me, when I had many friends, when I exercised, when I played in a band, when I knew who I was. Ever since joining the military my life has gone to shit. I have been in for almost two years now, and my skin issues have turned me into a creature of the shadows. And it is not so much as acne that bogs me down, it is something much worse. I have some sort of seborrheic dermatitis, or some conditio
  4. I used to have pretty bad acne. Not anything close to cystic as some people on this site have proven to have, but pretty bad. I remember when I used to fret over all of my pimples. But that does not compare at all to now. Ever since I left home a year and a half ago to find myself, I have developed a much worse condition. It is a skin condition characterized by inflammation, large chunks of flaking skin and bumps. I have done quite a bit of research, and I believe it is seborrheic dermatitis,
  5. Acne is actually quite a prevalent issue and it is often talked about. Other skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and seborrheic dermatitis always take a backseat to acne. I have had acne for a while now, past four years, and I never thought it could get worse when I developed seborrheic dermatitis. You think pimples are bad? Wait until you have an entire face covered in inflamed, flaking skin that falls off. It hurts way more, it is way more unsightly, and it is something people do not unde
  6. It is weird to be back on this website after not being on it for so long, but it is good to be back. Actually, not particularly. I would rather not be. Anyway, I have had a condition akin to sebborheic dermatitis for some time now. It is characterized by flaking, irritated skin that is as hideous as painful. It sometimes hurt to simply eat because of the way it stretches your skin. It used to be much worse and would cover my entire face, sometimes fluctuating to the point of my face being com
  7. What is the first thing I do every morning? I leap out of bed, often stumbling into an object due to miscalculation, and jog as swiftly as possible into the bathroom to the right of my room. I kick the door open, slide in, turn on the light, and look at my face. I count how many pimples I have and compare that to how many I had the day previous. If I have more pimples than the day previous, then the day will be absolute shit. If I have less pimples than the day precious the day will still be abs
  8. Go live life before it's too late. You only have one life. You'll regret it. Go live life to the fullest. That makes it even worse knowing that because our looks are completely destroyed for the rest of our lives. Even if they got better at one point (which they won't) the years we are supposed to look best (20's) are ruined because we actually look shitty while the majority of people get to enjoy their best looking years. It can also prevent you from getting married or significantly lowe
  9. The regimen is doing absolute wonders, but I am keeping up other healthy habits as well.
  10. The regimen is actually getting rid of all of my acne... So I am happy about that. As for everything else, things could be better. I am tackling things one at a time. I am trying to, at least. Everyone here should read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values and The Alchemist. It will pick you up a bit.
  11. This is the reason why I never do anything during the day. With people, at least. I do lots of things by myself in my house, but that is it for during the day. It took me all of the energy in the world to go out hiking with my girlfriend the other day. I was worried so much about her seeing the acne that I had.