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  1. I eat organic rice everyday ( I'm asian also ), and it doesn't break me out. Try to eat only ORGANIC food, no GMOs, no processed foods, ect. 60% of what I consume are vegetables, 30% fruits, and the remaining is fish ( salmon <3 ). My mom chastised me at first for my radical, new diet, but she then slowly assimilated to my diet also. LOL. Abide with the diet for at least 3 months if you want to see results. And if I may ask, what kind of BB cream was it? My favorite BB cream is MISSHA.
  2. Moisturizing is important... Even if your skin doesn't feel dry, moisturize still! As skin ages, it loses elasticity, moisturizing is important to slow down the aging process and add suppleness to your skin. Here's my routine before I put on makeup: 1) Wash face 2) Tone 3) add a layer of serum 4) add a layer of essence and or emulsion 4) add a layer of moisturizer 5) add makeup 6) add BB cream or sunscreen I know these are a lot of steps, and I don't recommend you to emulate it
  3. A gravid woman will have a surge of volatile hormones. I'd suspect that's causing this "purge". Water doesn't cause acne; if it did, everyone would have acne. P.S, I drink half a gallon of water a day, it doesn't break me out. Congrats.
  4. I thank God for acne. Without my struggles with acne, I would be an indolent girl with unhealthy eating habits. I now exercise everyday and eat healthy. Acne also contributed to my introverted like personality. I don't feel comfortable in social interactions and I don't have time for all the drama in an intimate relationship. Because of this, acne has given me tunnel vision focused solely on academics. I don't mean to brag, but I do believe I have a very high academic acumen compared to my peers
  5. I would suspect that the causation of your acne has changed. I suggest you attack acne from the inside this time. Eat healthy, exercise, manage your stress levels. Remember, topicals only exert their effect on the external surface of the skin. Use an trial and error approach to deduce what is specifically causing your breakouts. Good luck!
  6. Pretty ignorant statement, facuup. Before we get into an acrimonious debate whether this or that works or not, I would like to point out that we all respond differently to regimens. I for one, respond positively to a healthy organic diet. This has essentially ameliorated my acne condition to the point that I rarely get cystic pimples like I used to. And before you respond with an acerbic comment, I also would like to point out that I respect your opinion in this matter, though, I don't agree wit
  7. UGHGHHHH... LOL, finals is stressing me out to the max; myriads of abstruse concepts I have to absorb in a short amount of time. My skin is feeling inflamed and warm right now. I feel like an ominous break out is bound to happen! I need to RELAX! I've been in the library for 5 hours now! I need some coffee... :/
  8. I can't tell because the picture is blurry. One way you can tell if a mark formed a scar is to check whether it's elevated or depressed. Most of the times this is pretty accurate, just check if the surface of the skin is flat and smooth when it's completely healed. It's healing quite nicely from what I can tell.
  9. http://www.cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_0c8e169258.html. It's relatively safe. No red marks, just a few yellows. Overall, this should be safe with prolonged use. But it might be a little irritating for some people, because their are numerous fragrances listed on it. But if it doesn't break you out, continue using it! Also, it has some UV protection. Unfortunately, I have bad reactions with moisturizers that contain fragrances.
  10. I suggest you add some fish to fortify your diet with high quality protein and a good source of omega 3 fatty acids.
  11. Can you list the ingredients if possible? I would like to analyze the safety of the ingredients. It has "90.8% natural ingredients" so I want to know the remaining chemicals used. I'm very wary of products that don't show an ingredients description on the web page. I'm looking for a non greasy day moisturizer to use under my makeup. It's also quite cheap. Thanks!
  12. How long have you've been eating "healthy"? 2-3 weeks? You have to stick with it for many months. It took months for my acne to dwindle on an organic diet. And by "healthy" do you mean all organic, free of GMOs, processed foods? A GMO apple isn't the same health-wise than an organic apple. And eating "healthy" hasn't necessarily "cured" my acne; I still get the occasional breakout. It has, however, cured my cystic acne. I don't get cystic pimples anymore, just the typical zit or blackhead. Ab
  13. Honestly, they aren't very noticeable. They don't look bad! And you don't look horrible, you look cute! Try dermarolling. Or if you have deep pockets, you can go to a dermatologist and get a filling or laser resurfacing.
  14. Their needs to be a way we can edify this to the general acne sufferers. This is excellent information about the different causations of acne and ways to ameliorate it. This is almost identical to the regimen I abide with. Everyone needs to absorb this valuable information; very useful information indeed.
  15. SLS is can be toxic with prolonged use... It has been shown in animal studies and in vitro to be organtoxic, neurotoxic, immunotoxic, endocrine disruption ( hormones ), cancer ( mutations ), and reproductive toxicity. It's not that SLS is highly toxic; it's the REPETITIVE, CUMULATIVE, gradual usage that will adversely affect your health. You use cosmetics and shampoos ( that contain SLS ) everyday; that will eventually accumulate in your system, causing adverse effects.