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    I love to dance and have a good time!!! i also love to play volleyball!!!!!! i love my friends and family!!!!!! and yeah ...... email me if ya wanna chat!!!!

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  1. oh yeah same here i hate them !!!!!!! so what will get rid of or help heal or whatevre them!!!??!???? anna
  2. moneys not an issue she just doesnt like buying more and more acne products!!!
  3. oh well see my mom is totally against buying me anymore new acne products cus i already have alot she says but some of them just dont work but yeah i will defiently try to get some thanks!!!
  4. my skin is very dry and flaky and i need some help when i put on moustrizer it just seems to do nothing for the dryness and flakes!!!!!!! please help anna
  5. yeah i have to agree with jake it might be stress related!! i love ya to haha lol
  6. ok your welcome and i also recomend steaming your face theres a thread about it !! it really works!!!
  7. yeah i think it will be better now that your gonna use a 2.5%!! goodluck!!
  8. a nonmedicated soap or cleanser works the best!!!!! goodluck!!
  9. what about a fabric like silk?? and i would wash your sheets and pilow cases every week that seeemed to help my problem!
  10. i would rube it in a little but i think u still need to see the product in your skin....
  11. umm your pores might not be open for the Bp to absorb theres are really good thread about steaming your face that really helps open the pores i would really recomend it!!! goodluck!!!
  12. i hate getting them on my nose and forhead and on the side of my face!!!!!