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  1. hey guys .. i have used quinoderm 5 % cream for 2 months with with csr and it worked very well i bought it from boots ..... then i switched to brevoxyl to check how is it ... but my experiment failed ... quinoderm was better it cleared my skin a lot ... but these days im not getting quinoderm 5% in my branch of boots .. they only keep 10 % which is no good ... do u guys know where can i get quinoderm 5% .... thk you .
  2. stop using the panoxyl its a shit bp dint help me at all and made my skin worst .... i switched on to quinoderm now and its much better then panoxyl ....
  3. hey guys .... 1st of all imperial leather is for shower u shud not use it for face wash ..... 2ndly it contains fragnance and dan has warned not to use anything with fragnance either bp , wash , or moisturizer ... so stay away from imperial leather .
  4. wat do u mean by its going to run out ... i m using it from long time .. why will it run out ?? i m in london
  5. hey thx for ur advice ..... i was using panoxyl and u know wat ,,, it flaked my face so much tht i dijt go for my job for 2 days ... my face was full of peeled skin ... horrible .... ill try quinoderm now ... how much does it cost ? can i get it in boots ?? does it come to 2.5 % ?? can i use eucerin with it ... thx .. i m frm london anyways .... .
  6. i went to boots.. i only found panoxyl brand for bp .. are there any other brands available over the counter ???????? .
  7. hey guys ,.. i used to do csr in india with no good results .. probably because product available in india where not good ...... so i stopped .. i came to uk , london this september and heard that the product available here r really good for csr ... so i gave a try , i purchased panoxyl 2.5 % bp .... clearsil cleanser... and eucerin moisturizer with urea .... and startted the regimen ... its just been 3 days and my skin has become horribly dry .. i m using goo
  8. hey guys i m from india . i started accutane this week, and its going ok , i m going to uk , london next week and i dont know names and brandes r available for accutane(recomended) , and will they give me without subscripton ... anyone from uk can help me out .
  9. why dont u go on accutane again , because that is wat cleared ur skin , it will do again too ,, all d best .
  10. frankly speaking my story is totally different ..... my face looks good in some mirrors and looks bad in others ..... i know it depends on the light in the room .... but sometimes even in the same light i feel difference ..... also my face looks bad in the mornings and good in the later afternoon and evening .... i donno if it is the problem with my eyesight ..... lol lol lol ...... anyone with same experence ?? . .
  11. but i think my acne is caused because of over sebum production ie oily skin .... so i think oily skin acne is related ....... .
  12. hey guys , what do u think which type of climate decrease the sebum production???? i live in india where the climate is hot and humid .... ill be going to england now , there the climate will b mostly dry and cold .... so guys will i b able to clear my acne cos cold climate means less oily skin ... or atleast will i b able to lessen my breakout ??? can u guys share ur xperrinece ??
  13. is b5 benzoyl peroxide 5% is yes then it shud b called bp 5 not b 5 .
  14. so u hav clear skin all the winter , and ur acne returts back in summer ?? .
  15. i m using bp one times a day , and i think thats the only thing that improved my skin at times . my experence in using bp is that bp sometimes clear the skin but the pimples do come back at times , but its better then having acne all the time , cause bp clear skin to some extent ... anyone with same experence ?? .