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  1. yea, i've been on tetracycline for 81 days, and i think ti stopped working. i don't really know if it even started working. i don't know if i should just get off it, since i'm breaking out. i don't want to break out horribly when i stop takin it. or should i adk my derm?
  2. this may be a stupid question, but can you use the AU Courant bronze face gel in your whole body too??
  3. whats a good self tanner that won't make you break out. does anyone have any recommendations/ also what about airbrushing? thanks-
  4. do you get an initial breakout with tetracycline. also can you use sunscreen when you go out in the sun, so the medicine doens't effect your skin?
  5. does differin help with red marks??
  6. has anyone used skintactix, if so how effective was it. check it out skintactix.com
  7. has anyone used differin gel?? did it work, or did it make things worse?
  8. hi, has anyone tried skintactix.com??? if so, did it work, and how long did you try it for?
  9. HI, are you suppose to et an initial breakout while on TETRACYCLINE? i've been takin it for 6 weeks so far, and i'm noticing more pimples appearing, there not there yet but i can tell that there are goin to be there soon. my acne before i took it wasn't so bad, i had mostly all red marks, but now i'm breakin out. can anyone tell me if they broke out while they were on tetracycline, also how long does it take for you to clear up.i guess i need some reassurance, because i'm not seeing any posi
  10. malia - how long did you use it for? also what kind of acne do you have?
  11. hi what do you think about skintactix.com. the treatment progress looks real. has anyone tried this treatment? do you think it's a rip off???
  12. thats how may acne is too. i only have them on my cheeks, i'm scared they're going to spread out to my face though. i've been on tetracycline for about a month now. i don't really have pimples, i get one active one once in a while. but all i have is red marks and some scarring. how long does it take for tetracycline to kick in???
  13. where do you get the lactic acid peel? and how do you use it? i have alot of redmarks, i'm on tetracycline and i don't think it's helping much with the remarks. do you also recommend using mandelic acid? my red marks are really bad, they look terrible and i have scarring too. i just really want to get rid of them, i don't really break out anymore it's just that i have all these red spots left from the acne. so if anyone can give me some advice, that would be great.
  14. what are side effects that people have experience with tetracycline. also can you still have diary products, like cheese if you're on tetracycline. i've been on it for 34 days, and i haven't seen much, my acne still looks the same. i don't have alot of pimples it's mostly all red spots, i have alot of re marks left from the acne. does it help with red spots?
  15. hi, i don't break out anymore, the doctor put me on tetracyline. but i do have alot of redmarks, and scars. when i had acne i only got whiteheads, never anything severe like cysts. my question is, i don;t know how to tell what kind of scars i have. what should i try for my red marks, and scars, any suggestions. thank you.