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  1. I have some experience with cheaper devices off Amazon and ebay, and the derminator. Go with the derminator. It's an excellent, quality device.
  2. I don't like using the fastest speed, because it seems that (by looking at the depth indicator on the screen) it seldom gets to full depth? So I tend to stick to medium speed, and take my time slowly circling over my cheeks. I can't do it without some sort of lubrication though, because it doesn't move smoothly for me. I use saline solution.
  3. Is anyone here willing to buy derminator needles for me, and then ship them to me? My country is on their "banned" list, but I was able to purchase a derminator by using a UK forwarding company. Now, they are refusing to sell me more needles, even through the forwarding company. I also need a new magnet, as mine has started rusting and I'm worried that it will stop working soon. I would, of course, pay you for shipping etc via PayPal plus a suitable "tip" for your troubles, in advance
  4. You're correct - there are so many variables. Not the least of which is which topicals to apply after needling. I wish you luck! I needled two days ago (2.25mm with a derminator) so I'm going to wait 2 weeks and then try the weekly/1mm protocol to see how my skin and scars react. If that goes well, then (in a couple of months time) I fully intend to try needling every second day for a week or two. Exciting!
  5. I've been following the 2 week TCA Peel / Microneedling protocol (explained on another thread on this board) for a few months now. I've had pleasing, not-insignificant results so far. Today, however, I was excited to read on another board about new information from Dr Des Fernandes - who is considered by many to be the "father" of microneedling - about achieving better results from more frequent microneedling. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rN40mdO3HbM Article: http://www.
  6. Everything you need to know is in the PDF which PCT14 linked to above, seriously.