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  1. Check your e-maillllll!! need to catch up sooon!!!!

    1. Sorry about that. I will not make the mistake of posting anymore.
    2. Is there a holistic way to get rid of facial redness? I am looking for either a soap, cream, cleaner, oil treatment that is chemical free that can help me with this. I currently use Tree Tea Oil Soap. Apple Cider Vinegar and water as a cleanser and a Tree Tea Oil shampoo. Thanks,
    3. Intox is the most beautiful girl in Mexico :)

      1. 1) Do you suffer from acne? Yes 2) What grade of acne do you suffer from? Grade III Acne - Red and inflamed, many blemishes. 3) Do you feel like acne effects how introverted/extroverted (shy/outgoing) you are? Yes it makes me very introverted/ 4) Does acne affect the likelihood of you befriending a person? (I.E. - Less likely to friend someone with bad acne.) I am more likely to befriend someone with acne. 5) Do you feel like acne affects how many friends you have? (I.E. - Clearer skin means
      2. Perez Hilton is worse than Hulk Hogan and Michael Jackson. Perez Hilton you are scum and lowlife.
      3. Apparently Dr. Brandt is now east-coastal. He's been at the Laser & Skin Surgery Center in NYC for years, which is a highly regarded group practice. See his bio. I've used their wonderful esthetician several times, but I've never had the opportunity to see Dr. Brandt. Great reputation from what I've heard. Let us know. How was their estherican? What treatments/procedures have you had done? Thanks!
      4. Has anyone here been to or heard of Dr. Fredric Brandt in Coral Gables, FL?
      5. Did anyone every benefit or attempt to take Allergy Tests to explain their acne or find some sort of correlation in their lifestyle? My father is recommending I try this since I am still breaking out.