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  1. That redness was just with the Vinegar. And the more recent pictures I have taken are usually right after I apply or wash so it seems a tad red. The BP doesn't bother me much anymore but I still need to moisturize.
  2. Today i've began a new Regimen. I'm only using BP in the morning and I'm trying a ACV toner for night. I also purchased Aloe Vera Gel for moisturizer and don't forget, I have Vitamin E oil.... I don't know how I'll slip that in... I guess before I sleep on the red marks. Here are some pictures immediatly after an Apple Cider Vinager rub. I suppose I should add some more water to dilute it. Notice the extreme redness. I'm going to apply the Aloe Vera Gel soon to combat this now redness as well as
  3. Wow, I am back. I can't believe I have been doing this regimen for 8 months. And I recently noticed... Geez, why does my face look so crappy, i've been doing this regimen forever. And then I noticed that it wasn't even acne, but red spots left over from months ago! Its only on my cheeks and chin, my forhead is consistently clear. So I've added two pix, they are blurry, camera sux. But they show all of my red spots. I have a somewhat new regimen than when I started and I am starting to use a Vi
  4. Day 10+ Looking good. Face has been acting up because period is on its way. My teeth also hurt. I've been taking my vitamins and doing the regimen. Face is a bit itchy and has been getting sorta red around my mouth. No peeling, except for BP. Pic: Improving? I would like to lay out in the sun again, my face looked better when I had. I think I have kind of a big nose... ?? Hehe. No active bumps, just some red marks and fading bumps. Looking pretty nice! With make up I should look perfect
  5. Day 8+ Here is a pic to update everyone: As you can see, I have a new bumpy in my eyebrow but it is small. The two on my upper lips were acting up today (still red marks but sometimes like a bump). Still marks and bumps on cheeks. Improving, but slowly. I hope I look awesome when school starts... I started taking some vitamins today. I will take them at night for about 2-3 weeks. They are for hair, skin, and body. I hope I see improvements. Thanks you both for posting... Till the next d
  6. Hehehe, I'm not pretty >.> But I have done the regimen before. I know I should be gentle with my skin, but I have my own takes and thoughts about skin care. I do plan on getting the CSR BP, after mine runs out. And I no longer put on BP in random daily integers, I put it on in the morning and at night. I have a really bad problem though I may put 10% on it once. I like my cleanser very well, I think I may go with something else next time. Unlike everyone else I cannot order things so whis
  7. Good luck, I am 15 but I actually think i have good skin now. I used to be SO upset with it. And it looks ok. I think there is super hope for you! We are almost on the same regimen, I use On the Spot and Morning Glow moisturizer too. I remember when I had a cold sore on my lip (several times) and people would always ask me about it or say something. I always get bad cold sores. Anyways, good luck. I am also just starting kinda too. So look at my log if you want, I put pics of me up See ya
  8. It is officially day five, counting the Clearasil Ultra. SO... Starting at Wednesday. Day 5+ Here are some pics of me right now at Day 5. Sorry if they are blurry. Ok, I hope those all look nice, or ugly. So today! My skin has several dry patches and is peeling quite bad. Some new acne has formed but is almost gone and you can't tell with all the redness. It's really improving, just hope peeling stops soon. Cheeks and chin seem to be worst and the area between my brows. Please let me k
  9. So exactly what is a toner? I know I think it helps with blackheads. And is it okay to add to my regimen, or should i wait till i am clear before I use it. thanks
  10. I was just wondering if anyone has used these new products. I read that acne couldn't live in the presence of oxygen, and this stuff is oxygenating. So I thought it was like perfect. I was going to buy the moisturizer (with SPF15) but it was a dollar more than the other moisturizers. See the line here: http://www.cleanandclear.com/products/new/index.shtml Thanks!
  11. I used it all my 8th grade year and I looked great. But... I never recall getting sore or red, peeling skin. I recently bought it again and used it for almost a week. My skin got better quick but it also hurt a lot. Since then I've switched to On The Spot. It may be better for you to use as Spot Treatment, or every other day.
  12. It was called the Terminator (maybe spelled different) I almost got it instead of On The Spot. Most cleanser have salicylic acid already in them and I use BP... but how much SA is needed for it's benefits???
  13. GRR! No replies Day 2+ So, I didn't improve much today... I just did my second round and I feel like my face was going to melt off. I suppose I will take it easier with the 10%. I saw the CSR Gel today and I was like. wow, that is a high price but then i saw it was 5.3x's more and only 3$ more than was I was using. So when this stuff goes away Im going to try to get that. I would love to get a gel too. Everytime I rub my face and BP comes of I think my skin is falling off. I'll be usin
  14. Hello. OH! And before I continue I will tell everyone this. I don't like using these words, and I will only say them once: zit, pimple, pop, whitehead, and maybe more. But I will use *bump for the pussy referral. And I will use cyst freely. And instead, of p**, i will say explode. LOL! Sorry. Acne has always been such a sensitive subject for me. So here is the story. I began getting acne in about 5th grade. It made me feel horrible but I never really did anything about it. (This is also the ti