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  1. sorry dont have the Taurine can be obtained from land animals, and it can be biosythesized, so I don't know if it really is essential. And what mineral are you referring to? Iodine maybe, but it's also present in vegetables from iodine-rich soil and in iodized salt, so again I don't think it's essential to obtain it from sea food. i dont have references immediately on hand, but seafood is like 3-4 times higher in taurine then meats like chicken beef and pork. also, shellfish have
  2. omega 3s dha epa? and taurine and the minerals perhaps? these are the major differences from other meats.
  3. That about the studies showing equal effectiveness for sublingual and injecitons is true, but that about cyanocobalamin isn't, cyanocobalamin is, after all, B12, but an inactive and artificial form of it. The cyanide molecule in cyanocobalamin, albeit present in low quantities, is toxic and needs to be flushed out, and that is done by the same molecules that are needed in other more essential processes, such as reducing the homocysteine level (which is probably already high due to the B12 defici
  4. you are correct, vitamin d enhances calcium and magnesium absorption.
  5. lose alot of vitamins in semen, like taurine, b12 iron vitamin e,dha, omega 3/6 perhaps more. while it doesnt cause acne, it could make it worse. sardines could restore pretty everything that is lost, for a source of vitamin e try almonds, and for omega 3/6 try walnuts.
  6. its probably not true about injections causing acne. studies also have shown sublinguals are just as effective as injections for restoring b12 deficit. try cyanocobalamin. clams are also very high in b12, liver used to be prescribed way back in the day.
  7. conduct experiments on yourself and see the relationships. youll need a control period then a period where you change the variable in question, then compare the two periods to make your decision about the variable/food in question. that's science. basically the difference between the control period and the test/experimental period is the variable in question. if you change one other thing it would be a fair evaluation, if you noticed a difference between the two periods, it could have been
  8. I'm eating grass-fed lamb and goat liver raised by local peasant farmers in the countryside. It's as fresh and as organic as you can get. No antibiotics in these animals. I do eat heart meat, it's delicious! I've been reading widely about eating raw liver and I've concluded that it's not dangerous. (By the way, eating raw liver isn't something I've just made up - it's something that has been practised widely in various cultures in Africa, South America, and the Northern Hemisphere.) From rese
  9. liver from animals exposed antibiotics, isnt what it used to be. id fully cook it. even then, its iffy. the heart is much better as it doesnt absorb all the intestinal toxins from the gut. yea the heart has more co q 10 too, and almost as much iron.
  10. the changes in your skin probably have nothing to do with the cream.
  11. you should not be hanging too much on our recommendations, or depending on them, you should set up a good trial/experiment of the supplement and judge for yourself, but take our words into consideration. nobody on this site is a know it ALL. we know some stuff and in your particular situation, our advice that we have experianced may not apply to you, but typically it does. and many peoples experiances were not based on well designed experiments, and the perceptions of the effects of one vari
  12. just my few cents i used to post on here a a lot a while ago. high dose vitamin a is toxic, i will make your body run worse overall. accutane is 13-cis-retinoic acid, which is a natural metabolite of retinol (vitamin a), so vitamin a must be converted into 13 cis retinoic acid i believe inside the cell. and exerts its affects on cellular proliferation(growth cycle), i may not have all the technical terms correct here but but one major problem in acne is teh sebaceous glands hyperproliferate
  13. 50 mg of zinc is alot. It may interfere with copper and other minerals absorption.i have lots of bad experiances with zinc in higher doses like 50mg. Try taking it out for a few days and see if you don't feel better overall because of it. also, having too many minerals in the blood like zinc, copper, and iron which is unbound to any carrier proteins to guide them in the right places can contribute to free radical generation leading to premature aging. i wouldnt exceed the RDA of zinc or even