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  1. Hello. I am a 15 yr old male with mild acne. I have lately been breaking out on my cheeks. I havent started shaving yet. Should I ? Would this help the acne? Let me know. Thanks!
  2. I used St. Ives Apricot Scrubs on the back of my shoulders. I used to get tons of breakouts, now i dont get any. Maybe one or two pimples here and there. But still!
  3. sorry i jack off at least twice a day. i cant last long without it.
  4. hello everyone. i just joined the forums today although ive been reading them for a couple weeks now. anyways most of my acne is on my chin also. i just started to use a prescription cream called Brevoxyl-4. It is kinda expensive ($50 or $80 w/o insurance) ... I used to use this but then i stopped because it irritated and dried out the skin just below my eyes. I started it again but this time i wont get it near my eyes. I started two days ago and i already see results! its working like a charm.