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  1. I didn't use anything except for water on my face. No bp, no moisturizing, nothing. All that stuff only aggravated my skin which lead to more breakouts. Here's what I did morning: soak face for 60 seconds, shower, shave with electrical razor evening: soak face for 60 seconds, shower. I had some active acne when I started doing this regimen, bunch of whiteheads and pustules. After the first soak I popped all the nasty pimples and they never came back. Been clear for a week now. Will r
  2. Its been a week and I am 100% clear. No new breakouts. Old ones completely healed up. It looks like I've never had acne before in my life. In truth, I've had bad acne since 13. Tried everything on the market, went to derms, Dan's regime and accutane. After accutane i was clear for about 6 months but then started breaking out badly again. Again, started with SA, BP, everything, but nothing was helping. A week ago I stumbed upon this... And here I am, sitting 100% clear now. My skin has ZERO oil
  3. For the first time in 7 years, I am totally clear on this method. I don't know if it has to do with Ph of my skin, or if water is that magical substance I've always needed, but it definitely works for me. I don't do the mid-day rinse. In the morning, the first thing that I do is soak, then take a shower and shave. in the evening, I soak and shower. Thats all. 100% clear. I should post my before and after pictures... it's only been 5 days... I hope it doesn't stop working for me. Thanks Mooja
  4. This works like wonders for me! It's been 3 days and my face is clearer then ever! I think it all has to do with Ph balance as well... Thanks moojamba!
  5. Yes, 3-5 minutes. Not all of it but a lot will get absorbed. Just make sure to moisturize after each wash.
  6. YES It is ok to use SA and BP. If your skin can't handle it initially, then instead of SA, use a good exfoliating wash, as it is the only purpose of it. BP tho is what KILLS p-acnis, so you have to use it twice a day, so that your face is protected 24/7. My regimen is different from Botchla's regimen in a few ways: 1) I shave right in the shover to minimize razor burn. To see what you are doing, take a little hand held mirror. If it gets steamed up, wash the steam off and continue shaving. Rep
  7. I've had acne since I was 13, and it was getting worse and worse every year. I've tried every topical medicine and eventually ended up on accutane. I've had improvements here and there but my face has never been clear. Finally, I stumbled upon this forum and carefully read many posts. The regiman proposed by Dan worked ok, but it took too much time and effort. Finally, I read a genious post by Botchla and his regimen. It didn't really do much for me at first, but I changed some things around a
  8. I pay 5 bucks a month with my insurance..been on it 4 months already, the drug does miracles.
  9. congrats on taking accutane ,man. Its the only thing that will clear you up 100%, as it did for me. Accute will make your skin perfect, not a trace of acne will be left. You won't have to put shit on your face anymore or worry about washing properly etc. You will be able to talk to people freely knowing your skin is totally clear. Everyone else who is doubting, TAKE IT NOW.
  10. Xaero


    Keep on taking it man, I am on my day 4... this stuff better work soon
  11. people are fucking stupid i hate retards i hate acne i love hot girls
  12. Katie, I am in the same shoes as you are. I have a mild/severe type of acne that I've been dealing with for over 5 years. I've tried every one of the prescription creams and antibiotics and they only cleared me up 40% or so. Finally I decided it's time to stop dealing with this bs, went to my derm and requested accutane. She was really nice and readily agreed to give it to me. Today is the first day when I will be starting accutane. Same dosage as you are 40mg, once a day for the first month t