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  1. so about two weeks ago i formed this bump/cyst on my forehead. i didnt pop it or play it with and it went down on its own after washing my face every day. the bump is gone and its flat and back to normal, but now i have some red mark there. i cant tell if its a scab or scar or what. it seems somewhat dry when i touch it and sometimes there is a slight burning feeling on it when i wash my face. i have been putting acanya gel on it every day and it seems to be reducing in size but i just want to r
  2. Will sunscreen make it fade better? If so what SPF should get? I also have Tazorac which I believe is the equivalent to Retin-A
  3. I had I guess you would call a sebaceous cyst on my forehead that formed almost a month ago. The bump itself has gone down, but there is a red mark there which I believe is just from the swelling. I don't know and can't tell if it is a scar or not so I have no idea what to use to make the redness fade away. I just started using Aloe Vera gel so I'm not sure if it is going to work. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  4. So about two weeks ago I formed some sort of cystic zit on my forehead. After a few days of it getting bigger and causing pain, I went to the dermatologist. There they injected the cyst with a steroid shot and gave me a week's worth of Cephalexin (500mg, 14 pills, twice a day), a sample of Bensal ointment, and recommended I do a warm compress twice a day. The swelling of it has reduced tremondously though I do feel a very tiny bump there still. The only problem now is that the redness is very ap