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  1. starting of month 3....still have a lil active acne on my jawline area ....so my question to you is....did you wake up one day and it was completely gone??? cause mine is working slowly. oil is no longer there (woooohooo) i want this shit gone for good by the way... i have very mild acne
  2. Many of you know that i squeeze my blackheads out off my nose last week and scratch a good chunk of it out...my skin was red and irritated. you guys know what i did??? i put AQUAPHOR on my nose and you know what this is like magic...the next day i went and take a shower...all the skin peeled off and my nose is completely healed...i'm not even fuking with ya....my god...i use AQUAPHOR for my lips while on accutane and i thought this would be a good idea. so from now on guys....put AQUAPHOR on t
  3. man..this sucks....my ripped out a good chunk of skin on my nose and now it's all red and burning. i have to put on neosporin the whole day...arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....should have just not messed with it in the first place. sucks as hell!!!!! i guess nnext time i will not fight and let it go away on its own... fuk acne!!!
  4. I have been on accutane for almost 2 months but i still have a lil bit of blackheads on my nose. i have been having blackheads on my nose for over 7 years already. I always just push it all out by using my fingers. but this morning when i woke up...i tried to push it out and ended up stratching a few small layers of my skin of my nose(so now i look like weird...my nose is red). so my question is....how do u guys get rid of your blackheads on nose while on accutane??? do u just ignore it and they
  5. i tried the cetaphil moisturizer and many others which i can't even recall.....it's just so fuking insane what i have to go through..... thanks for the support guys keep the suggestions coming
  6. I have been having this problem since the first day of my accutane This is just BS....am i the only one that having this problem...here it is i'm on accutane over 1 month already and my face is so damn dry....HOWEVER...whenever i put on a moisturizer...it breaks me out and i would have a lot of white heads on my face... and when i stop moisturizer...these white heads are gone.... the problem is....i HAVE to moisturize because my face is sos sososoososo damn dry....it's flaky at times i have
  7. sometimes i don't have the time to go home and take the other pill at night....is it ok to take 2 at once???????? -thanks
  8. guys -------------------------->>>>>>>>>> go to this for updates http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...p;#entry1367684
  9. dude...i know exactly what you are saying...i feel the same way however..you must understand that WE don't even have 5 seconds to see each other....i only see her once in a blue moon. do u know what i'm saying? it's constant working between us
  10. here's the first thread if u want to read http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...p;#entry1359251 I just got off work and before i went out the door...my clinical instructor (she's young(about 25-26 y.o), lovely and so damn cool).....the conversation started like this I opened the door for her and she's like ...man...you're such a gentlemen...youe girlfriend must love it!! i responded by saying" nope ..no gf..im single" she's like 'you're single? really? i said yeah...... then i told
  11. Maybe if you are hurt by this...you might got the hots for him???????????? a lil ??????????? from experience....i can tell you that this guy get sick and tired of being nice to you (knowing that you have a bf) yet you are ignoring him. second, he might got a new fish in the ocean and you are no longer in his beloved eyes. all i gotta say girlfriend is if you have a bf and you are still thinking about this dude...then you need to think again about your relationship...seriously!!!!! if you lov
  12. first of all, i want to say i love the people on this site i love ya muahzzzzzzzzzzzz yes, we are not in the same major...i'm a respiratory therapist student graduating this dec and i think she's doing something i'm not sure with that being said....we don't eat together....i just met her this week in the hallway at the hospital i almost fainted when i saw her smile yesterday to one of her co-worker....my god is she hotttttttt i thought the one with sending the note saying "lunch" is really
  13. im asian and let me tell ya...i've been using BP over 7 years with no problem
  14. thanks so much guys arghhhhhhhhhhhhh...if it was only that easy i saw her again yesterday but this time she was leaving and i was also busy taking care of my patients ahofdsflkshsh ilfdslfdsilfhdslfhldhshfa arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh if god only give me 5 minutes with her....then i think i will have my chance to ask for her number come on god...just 5 minutes that's all i ask u see....she works in the hospital so she's busy and i'm busy too...so when we run into each other...we just walk by. i
  15. thanks for the reply so far guys but u have to understand... i have mild acne for 8 freaking years already....can you imagine what it has done for my confident? i only got about 50% confident left in me man seriously!!!!! keep the advice coming guys thanks