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  1. Mousie, how are you doing now?? I am guessing stress played a big part in what was happening with your skin! Anytime I am stressed out i break out like crazy...this past week I had been under more stress than usual and with all the prescription routine i still managed to get some nice cysts on my chin! sigh.. lol I hope your skin has calmed down since you posted!
  2. @BFCal, I am putting taz straight on my skin...if i wear a moisturizer its usually only during the day, if i am dry... I'm hoping things keep getting better...! I been taking progress photos,,,i should take some new ones and try to post them sometime. How is the RAM going??
  3. my update. I saw my derm this week, he didn't really change anything, gave me some samples for a facewash...going back in a few weeks to maybe start some light peels.. I don't want to jinx myself, but I think I am seeing results finally... I switched to cetaphil gentle cleanser for night and have been sticking to my routine...and my skin is finally evening out..and i'm barely peeling anymore. I think the added moisture from the gentle cleansing is speeding up results for me (i am hoping).
  4. So many changes going on! hehe BFCalumni26, i would really like to hear about how RAM works out for you, i heard SO MANY great things about RAM!! I hope it works for you!! My dermatologist never told me to put a moisturizer on my face before taz, although i did see those instructions on the website as well. I am using the .05 cream though, and put that straight on my face...i do peel, but its manageable. I missed my derm appt on the 22nd @[email protected], birth in the family...! so i will have to resch
  5. BFCalumni26, things started to get worse?? hmm when I started duac i do remember it made things come to a head and then things cleared away rather quickly... I really hope it works for you... The last time I was on taz I was 25, and i didn't peel AT ALL, but my skin did get better...and I started seeing a derm at that time in march, and by the end of the summer i was SUPER clear. I can't remember my week to week progress though. This time with taz its completely different with me... Its maki
  6. @BFCalumni26, hang in there! are you using the duac in the AM now?? I think the duac should really help out! I am feeling a lil let down with my progress to date lately, only cuz I don't have my skin back..and these red marks/scars and new things popping up here and there...is frustrating..but i am going to stick with it. I have faith this stuff works only b/c its worked really well for me in the past! Good Luck, keep us updated!
  7. 7-8th week on taz...update I think the texture of my skin is a lil better...but wtf...i am still getting some breakouts...esp on my jawline (which i been told is hormonal) and tiny clogged pores...ugh I don't know why but I feel more frustrated than before with this...I feel like a few years ago I responded better to taz...maybe I need to be more patient.. I dunno if my skin is still purging out clogged pores from before...but whatever it is...i really hope it starts to even out. I have a
  8. @Indoubtibly, my current cleanser is Purpose which is great, and I think Dan also reccomends it with his regimine. When it gets colder I might switch to cetaphil...and if I have some breakouts I will wash with Panoxyl in the AM...but purpose is definitely my favorite i am on my 3rd or 4th bottle already! Moisturizer, i just got Eucerin Everyday Protection with SPF 30..i haven't had any reactions with it, and its light and moisturizing. I am also curious to know what others are using from t
  9. I just saw this on the sticky, posted aboves...tips on retinoids..not sure if it helps you...but i'd definitely wear a really high SPF, 50 or more. 5) SUN SENSITIVITY Retinoids increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun. Wear sunscreen during daylight hours. If you are getting laser or light treatments, be sure to tell them you are using topical retinoids; you may need to avoid product use for a week or so before a treatment.
  10. @Trubeliever, your right BP plus taz can be harsh for some people. I did notice when my skin was adjusting to BP and taz i encountered some flaking and drying...on days it felt a bit too sensitive I skipped Taz and then used it the next night. I also use the cream version and barely moisturize, b.c I find the cream taz actually keeps my skin moisturized...I may have to add in a moisturizer as it starts getting colder around here though. I also am starting to think exfoliating at least 1x a
  11. It doesn't look like you have acne at all!! It actually kind of looks like its irritated which is maybe from shaving?? Make sure your never using a dull blade and it helps if you can shave after a hot shower!, and maybe moisturizing after shaving too.
  12. @ BFCalumni26, When I first went to the Derm in July he prescribed me DUAC 2x a day, then about 2-3 weeks later(after my skin pretty much cleared) they added in Taz for the night... so duac in the AM, and taz at night... I never tried benzaclim but duac is a little tacky in texture, but its not terrible. My main concern was applying makeup over it b/c it would have a weird interaction with some..but other than night I didn't have any problems with it. Unfortunately my insurance didn't cover
  13. Great to read everyone's progress so far.. I guess its been about 1 full month for me so far...i started july 29th?? Things were overall ok, except for last week, i noticed a few things..which i should of left alone...and i didn't...and my skin is still peeling... I think taz is working, its just a very SLOW process, and the peeling thing is a bit annoying...I don't remember peeling like this in the past with taz... I had a derm appt last week, and he applied sal acid on my face..a strong
  14. update 1 week so its been 1 week of taz nightly...started mild peeling few days ago..its really annoying..its almost like my skin is rolling off when i wash my face...i can rub areas of my skin and skin will just roll off?!?! I got 1 pimple on my jawline since using taz, i dont know if its from the taz, or its purging something that was in my jawline already..since my jawline seems to have tiny clogged pores... I noticed some scars that were more on the brown side are now pinkish/red...wonderi
  15. Hi trubeliever & bfcalumni! thanks for your reply. I only applied it last night, but my skin feels a tad bit smoother today. I'll see what happens! BF, don't be bummed! I am sure it will go away soon, maybe never even come to a head!