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  1. I believe I have what it takes to become clear but just need a few hints or clues to my problem. My colon seems to play a major role on how i feel throughout the day or even the week. if my colon isn't all of the way clear and i will know if it is or not... I feel terrible. If i haven't passed a stool during the day it clearly shows on my skin like my skin tone all over is all red and discolored. I've been taking probiotics and a fiber supplement and at times that doesn't do the trick. I'm think
  2. okay i just started a parasite detox and these past few days i've been getting a headache. so is that normal due to the detox?
  3. yah well i'll take a closer look and see if its worms that im getting rid of. where can i get tested for parasites to make sure i have them before i buy something like paragone?
  4. well i do eat fruit quiet a bit but i haven't been really paying attention to everything that i eat.
  5. I've been noticing that in my stool are a quiet a few white specs which draws a concern for me. well anyways, i've been doing a little bit of research on the specs and don't seem to conclude on what i really may have. so maybe you guys can help me out. So i was thinking that i have may have parasites, candida, trouble digesting, or could be food that im eat? so tell me what you guys think and i've notice this problem has been going on for a least a couple months with just about every stool i tak
  6. well okay here is my situation and where i believe lives my "cure" for acne. well okay i've been experience acne for at least 5 years. so ne ways i've been experimenting with a whole lot of supplements such as vitamins galore, milk thistle, dandelion root, colon cleanses, and ect. the only that i've kinda got together is that when i feel my colon is completely clear my stress just goes away and i feel like a ton of energy. when its also clear i feel the sensation that my colon is kinda relieved
  7. i usually don't post but i got a few questions that maybe u can help me with. These past few years I've been battling with tension headache with weeks on end. so one day my sister told me to take a multi-vitamin which i usually never do and ive noticed that i deal with stress and tension a whole lot better and feel 100x better. does this mean that i was lacking a vitamin? if so which one do u feel that it is? I also experience random muscle spasms and i was wondering if theres a vitamin that wi
  8. just take probiotics at least 2 hours after antibiotics and you will be fine
  9. hi I just started to take probiotics and I would like to thank you guys for your research on this subject. I bought the primal defense ultra which was recommend by a few people on this forum. I started to take these probiotics and I notice that it made my gas extremely smelly maybe thats something it always does I dunno. then just very recently I broke up like crazy... like 5 pimples at once on my neck I have no idea if its from the probiotics but I heard its common for you to break out. My bowe
  10. do you take them with every big meal you take or just once a day?
  11. did you try other brands? did you notice a difference when you took the digest gold?
  12. if I eat a meal how long after do I have to wait until I take the probiotics?
  13. hi I was wondering which digestive enzymes brand that you found to work the best for you. Right now I'm using twin lab's version of their digestive enzyme, but I was wondering if there was one better that are known to work well. please give me your insight on which one is a really good one to buy. I don't mind spending the extra money for the pill as long as I know they work. Thanks Luke
  14. do you believe that 50mgs of zinc a day too much? I'm thinking of taking it daily, but than again I want to make sure its a safe amount to see if zinc takes care of my acne.