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  1. 50%? I dont think thats high.. I would think 80% would be a nice number to want to go on accutane the first time or even the second time... I wouldnt go back on it .. To some ppl good skin is a few pimples here and there to me it isnt.. and to most ppl it isnt either.. If tehres active acne on your face, its still acne. regardless if its severe or mild. acnes acne.. still there lingering... It is a temporary solution to acne for most ppl a high percentage.... That will most likely require anothe
  2. Im not droping any "bomb" if a reality check is considered a "bomb" tahn thats ur opinion.. I was on it.. So was a high percentage of ppl on this forum,clearly ur still on this forum just like her , just like me.. Were all here for alternatives for the treating of acne... If reality is harsh so be it.. I was on accutane and it did wonders for the time being.. Thats just it.. Just saying how it is with the aftermath of accutane.. Id rather have some1 tell me the turth than lie ....
  3. im actually proud i have the largest thread in this forum and the second largest in the personal regimen forum lol. And you should be I would too!!!! I aggree with ur reasoning NOT to go on accutane.. I REGRET going on it.. I dont recommend it to anyone either... There has to be other ways.. wether its holiistic or other means.. I see your point as to WHY NOT to take it.. If i knew what I knew when i was younger i would not have taken accutane.. But now the yonger genetration has this fou
  4. I had horrid redness while on accutane.. It was VERY VERY depressing and EMBARRASING.. My face was TOMATOE red and it looked as if i was drugged and ready to pas out.. I have ppl comment and freak out.. And now its just red if a situation arises.. IT SUCKS LARGE... regret taking accutane. blah as i still have active acne 7 yrs later.
  5. ya accutane is a miracle drug for a short period of time.. Your acne will most likely return worse or the same.. I regert taking accutane.. But it is a conifidence booster, temporarily...
  6. dear, thers a reason why theres this board.. If not the majority of ex accutane users can tell you the same. YES and im the first to tell you... My acne returned oh did it ever return!
  7. Hey.. I just got prescribed this new cream .. well apparently new , Its clindamycin with 15% SPF but in cream form.. Is anyone using this cream for their skin? If so how is it working for you. I just been using it for 1 week so far.. I did a search on the board didnt see anything come up about it. Thanks.
  8. wow accutane is really hard to get now.. I got back in 00, It was SO EASY TO get.. I walked into walk in clinic told the doctor at the time to give me something stronger.. I had moderate acne.. HE gave me a prescription asked if i was sexually active I said no. and handed it to me.. No papers were made to be signed, Id ont even remember doing a blood test.. Accutane didnt so ish for me.. I regret going on it.. but in desperation i did. I have acne worse then when i was a teenager now im in my 20
  9. This is the thread ive been looking for.. Im going to bump it.. Ive been off accutane 7 years and still fluster. I NEVER USE TO fluster or "blush" before accutane.. And now I do when im angry or embarassed or if its cold out.. This was one of the permanent side effects that accutane has left me with.. Does anyone else have this problem.. My face gets quite red is there anything that can help it?
  10. Oh yes i wanted to add to my "physcological factor" statement as well.. Acne sufferers do not get any sympathy from society like aids or cancer patients.. Also another heart breaking fact that its hard to tolerate ... When I was in HS.. All the girls i hung out with had perfect skin, and to this day still... They would all comment ignorantly.. " Doesnt he/she wash his/her face" " He/she has bad skin" " Stop eating junk" etc etc.. The list of ignorant remarks goes on... youll never hear bad mou
  11. I aggree and disagree.. It IS phyiscally and mentally deteriarating (sp?) I think especially for women.. Where society views them as FLAWless skin perfect humans.. Its almost impossible to walk by any magazine stand or even women around the mall or a book store that dont have near perfect skin... AS a woman it is extremely hard dealing with this when we have to live up to this standard.. BUT it isnt the worst disease out there I agree.. Leprosy, cancer or aids is probablly 100xs worse to live wi
  12. can anyone start a poll on accutane... Who it has helped and who it hasnt really done much to.. I went on it and it didnt severely improve me skin either.. I just want to compare and see what the poll results would be like..
  13. I go once a day... But it differs as to what kind of pooh it is... 3-4 times is soo much! But I have heard that its best to go that many times a day
  14. I did the accutane didnt do much for me.. My acnes now worse in my mid 20s , Did i have side effects from it.. Im going to say yes.. permanent.. Im going to say yes again to that.. Its not for everyone.. But everyone is free to decide on what they feel best suits them.., but having bumps on your face when everyone aournd you doesnt.. does affect you.. If everyone else had bumps it wouldnt matter so much.. just like blading for men i guess.. Its a similar feeling.. not everyones loosing their hai