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  1. What you eat plays a HUGE role in how your skin looks. Eating fruits and vegetables while drinking recommended water can give you great results just within a week or two. Do that while working out five days a week, and there will be a difference. For those with severe acne, it may not completely get rid of the problem, but it will help.
  2. Hello. My name is Valeska. I am an average 17 year old in college instead of high school. This sounds impressive, but it's only because I lack a social life. Ever since seventh grade, I have been picking at my acne. Scissors, needles, fingers, Q-tips, and other such things were what I used to "control" my acne. This never worked. Now I am covered in scars from head to toe. The dermatologist I saw not long ago was even surprised by the sheer amount of discoloration. So what do I do? How do I
  3. I am very sorry that people were rude enough to reject you only off of looks. As difficult as it may be, it will help if you can at least try to find things you like about yourself. Maybe you like your eyes or an ability. While it won't help the acne, you can ice and maintain your face while focusing on the positives. My major problem was picking at my skin. My whole body is riddled with deep and minor scars. People called me a stoner, ugly, and even my dermatologist was surprised. However,