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  1. I really hope someone can help me, no one ever responds to my threads. I started OCM with hemp oil(0 rating on the scale) a month ago. A month later, I'm suffering from small painful breakouts and my skin overall looks like a complete mess with so many hyperpigmentation spots. I have acne on my forehad, and my jawline. I thought purging only lasts 1 week but for me, it got better but then suddenly went downhill. I do the OCM after my shower in the morning, rubbing the hemp oil on dry skin mass
  2. I'm using the hot washcloth with hemp oil every night. I read that in the morning all I need is some water and my face will be fine. However, after taking a shower, my face gets dry and flaky and more oil gets produced. Should I be doing OCM twice a day?
  3. I have a ton of dark spots from bacne and its really embarrassing when I have to go swimming in school. I've been using apple cider vinegar for 2 months and it didnt help at all. Anyone used kojic acid or AHA for hyperpigmentation?
  4. I tried using it on my face and it broke me out as well. Now I use raw honey and works great
  5. I've been using a honey mask every night for 20 minutes and my face feels soft and moisturized after. I wake up in the morning matte. However, I only wash my face with water in the morning and my face is so oily during the day and then I get a lot of whiteheads. So Im thinking that I need a moisturizer to prevent more oil. What are some all-natural home moisturizers I can use? I heard about milk, coconut oil, and olive oil but there are mixed reviews on those.
  6. I quit using chemical cleansers two weeks ago and have been following the following regimen: Morning: Hot water from shower followed by cold rinse. Night: Hot water then honey mask for 20 minutes. Wash off then apply 1:1 ACV/Water and let sit overnight. However, my acne isnt getting better in fact its getting a little worse. I noticed more bumps and more big pimples that hurt. I also noticed no improvement in my hyperpigmentation. How long should I give it before I quit?
  7. sigh... no one ever responds on these forums
  8. I want to start cleansing my face with honey. I read that raw honey is the best, but my mom refuses to buy me some. All I have is regular honey in a bottle that is 100% organic wildflower honey. Can I enjoy the same benefits or should I find a way to get the raw kind? Note the bottle doesnt say raw. Or are there any other natural alternatives(excluding oil)?
  9. Are lasers safe to use on a 15 year old?
  10. Which one works better for hyperpigmentation?
  11. I was looking at amazon, and all of the reviews for things like 100% aloe vera gel list the true ingredients and they claim that the additives are toxic and can cause cancer. Where can I buy just pure aloe vera (gel) from a store that is closest to the plant?