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  1. I really hope someone can help me, no one ever responds to my threads. I started OCM with hemp oil(0 rating on the scale) a month ago. A month later, I'm suffering from small painful breakouts and my skin overall looks like a complete mess with so many hyperpigmentation spots. I have acne on my forehad, and my jawline. I thought purging only lasts 1 week but for me, it got better but then suddenly went downhill. I do the OCM after my shower in the morning, rubbing the hemp oil on dry skin mass
  2. I'm using the hot washcloth with hemp oil every night. I read that in the morning all I need is some water and my face will be fine. However, after taking a shower, my face gets dry and flaky and more oil gets produced. Should I be doing OCM twice a day?
  3. I have a ton of dark spots from bacne and its really embarrassing when I have to go swimming in school. I've been using apple cider vinegar for 2 months and it didnt help at all. Anyone used kojic acid or AHA for hyperpigmentation?
  4. I just got hemp oil. I'm going to be doing a modified OCM where I just wash my face with warm water then apply the oil to stay. I'm not sure if this is a good way or if I should wash off the oil after. In addition, should I do it morning and night or just night?
  5. I tried using it on my face and it broke me out as well. Now I use raw honey and works great
  6. Lets say I wash my face with hemp oil in the morning. If 4-5 hours later, I go outside and play, my face gets all sweaty. Do I need to wash with hemp oil again or will using cold water on my face be enough?
  7. I've been using a honey mask every night for 20 minutes and my face feels soft and moisturized after. I wake up in the morning matte. However, I only wash my face with water in the morning and my face is so oily during the day and then I get a lot of whiteheads. So Im thinking that I need a moisturizer to prevent more oil. What are some all-natural home moisturizers I can use? I heard about milk, coconut oil, and olive oil but there are mixed reviews on those.
  8. I quit using chemical cleansers two weeks ago and have been following the following regimen: Morning: Hot water from shower followed by cold rinse. Night: Hot water then honey mask for 20 minutes. Wash off then apply 1:1 ACV/Water and let sit overnight. However, my acne isnt getting better in fact its getting a little worse. I noticed more bumps and more big pimples that hurt. I also noticed no improvement in my hyperpigmentation. How long should I give it before I quit?
  9. sigh... no one ever responds on these forums
  10. I want to start cleansing my face with honey. I read that raw honey is the best, but my mom refuses to buy me some. All I have is regular honey in a bottle that is 100% organic wildflower honey. Can I enjoy the same benefits or should I find a way to get the raw kind? Note the bottle doesnt say raw. Or are there any other natural alternatives(excluding oil)?
  11. Im look at Fruit of the Earth aloe gel because its recommended but after looking at the ingredients list, it contains Triethanolamine which upon further reading can create cancer-causing agents. It also has DMDM hydantoin and Urea which weaken the immune system and can cause cancer. If this is the case, why do so many people "have success"? I have yet to find a brand of aloe vera gel that only contains natural ingredients. Buying an aloe plant is not an option for me because of my parents.