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  1. i know exactly what you mean. acne has totally changed my personality and therefore the course of my life. i think about my skin 24/7.
  2. Hon I know it's hard right now for you. In my experience with accutane it's probably best to be gentle with your skin. It will work though, just give it time. The best cleanser I have used is Spectro-Jel Sensitive Skin. I've found Cetaphil and Neutrogena to be too greasy and more irritating to dry patches, sometimes stinging in places like around my nose. No matter how sensitive my skin is Spectro-Jel doesn't irritate it. A good non-greasy moisturiser like Neutrogena Sensitive Skin is esse
  3. seeing that you are still a child i will let you in on a little secret.....time doesn't heal everything. i treat cancer patients for a living. i have a great respect for life. i have a great respect for Zealand and his loss. people don't know this about me, except maybe my immediate family....and they don't know the real extent.
  4. wow. that was the first time i ever put that in writing and was one of the hardest things i've ever done. i don't need or want your pity. i wouldn't write it if i wasn't anonomous. i wouldn't post a picture here if i was visible. i'm a 28 year old woman not a child. and you sir are an ass. it's nice to feel even more alone.
  5. I am contemplating suicide myself. My only fear is not succeeding. My life is a complete lie and I haven't felt a sincere moment of happiness in decades. I have lost all of my friends over the years with my ever increasing reclusiveness. I find it hard to believe my family would care except to be relieved I was gone. They hate me and can't stand to be around me as it is. Growing up I never really saw myself as getting older, and I think that's because I have already lived longer than I was
  6. The first time I became aware of my skin was in grade 7. I had been one of the 'pretty girls' in elementary school, but beginning junior high i had braces, glasses, and had cut my hair all off. Anyhoo, my 'friend' looked at me in library class and said 'oh my god, you have so many blackheads on your nose'. After that I became obsessed with my skin. I began using rubbing alcohol as an astringent and wearing makeup. I have struggled with my skin since that day. I'm 28 years old now. I'm con
  7. I would give just about anything, except maybe my firstborn or a family member.