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  1. I know it may be difficult, but please DO NOT exercise with makeup at all..........I swear i develop cystic pimples within hours if i exercise with makeup. Yeah I exercised with make-up on and have quickly learned NOT to do that.. it just sucks looking like a red-faced monster lol especially when the sweat makes it glisten with rage! I wish I didn't have to wear make-up because it's so annoying but so far I'm only wearing the pure concealer with sal. acid in it which i don't think o
  2. Okay, so my problem is I just started cross country running, and I wear make-up to hide red marks and scars, and I refuse refuse refuseee to go outside w/o any on lol. I am breaking out.. and I think my problem is being a make-up wearing exercisor ... so do you know of any make-up that is safe to exercise in ?? I currently am using Pure foundation from Maybelline I think.. I know wearing make-up during exercising is a very risky thing to do.. but I'm only 14 and therefore do not have enough con
  3. Have any of you heard of this Natural Results Acne treatment? http://natures-gate.com/shop/showCategory.asp?category=135 ...if that doesn't lead to it its on the site.. But it looks quite appealing (don't they all though? lol) The ingredients are intriguing my pores though, since tea tree oil has worked for me and so has sal. acid.. Well I ordered it && will tell you all how it's working out! If you've tried it let me know!
  4. Nah, toothpaste seems to trigger more breakouts for me. And since I got off Proactiv, my skin actually looks better. My skin has been doing weird things lately lol. I don't necessarily know if the Proactiv ahs anything to do with it but it hasn't been doing anything for me for about a month so I figure the best way to go is to be gentle with my skin. Yeah, that's why I ordered Dan's BP. I also think that the nodule may be from this oily product I put on my hair that encourages growth, be
  5. lol, i'm calm. it's just so frustrating since my skin was looking clear and this alien pimple shows up!
  6. I was born in Vancouver, I stayed in a little place called Sook... then I lived in Victoria for a bit, then Alberta. But now I live in the U.S.
  7. My mom threw mine out because she thought it was "ruining" my skin. hah! just don't leave it on too long like I did, because it can really dry out the skin. It does dry out active pimples all the while though. Be sure to moisturize!
  8. Okay, so I've been using proactiv and it worked at first, and it kind of lessened my active acne to where I am today... but as soon as I stopped using it I cleared up a bit and am now ordering Dan's BP. My problem is my forehead was pretty darn clear, and i woke up with this papule type thing on my head. And then it grew! It is a large bump and red! I have never had this before, and this was during proactiv, so I'm stopping using it for good. I looked it up, and it is probably a nodule...but it