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  1. We are in the exact same situation! I'm also scared all the time. For the moment, BP seems to work on me but it doesn't stop new acne to come. It just helps getting rid of it quickly. I am thinking of trying Retin a but I am very afraid of starting something new and that it would cause a bad initial breakout. I am not sure I would stand it. So im waiting to see how things go. Maybe I'll try to change my BC pill also. Good luck to you and I really understand how you feel!!
  2. Hi!! Thank you both for your updates. Thanks Derp for the reassuring words. I tend to panick everytime I see a little something on my face. I would say I still have a couple spots (almost invisble and I can't barely feel them with my fingers) every week but that's no big deal. I had a pretty inflamed one on the side of my nose last Friday and oh my god, I was sooooooooooooooooooo pissed off!! It's the first ugly one I get since Tane and to me it meant I was going back to square one. Now we
  3. How is everyone doing? I guess that no news is good news! As for me, I'm getting acne weekly but it is so small I feel like I'm cheating just to call it acne. They are not painful and I can't hardly feel them with my finger. They are pretty pale but... They are still there!! One of my chin has 4-5 new ones, but as I said they are hardly noticeable. I'm just worrying and wondering if it is the beginning of the come back or if it's just normal. Maybe it is caused by something else... Make up, horm
  4. Hi everyone! I'm sorry for the silence, I was just so busy this summer! And to be honest, I was trying to think about something else than my skin for once in my life and I guess that's a good thing! I would say that I'm also doing pretty good. No new ''real'' acne for a couple of weeks now. Even my chin has been acne free for some time now (I used to get always 1 or 2 medium size pustules after I stopped Tane) and now.. nothing! Is it possible that it cleared 2-3 months AFTER Tane? I thought t
  5. I think that people who are the most happy with Tane's results were those suffering from severe acne. The improvement is easily noticeable. When you go from "some persistent acne" to "almost none" the result is less dramatic hence the deception. Honestly I can't believe that some people get a porcelain baby skin. What with the red marks? What with the scars? If they don't have any after Tane I really wonder why they took it in the first place. I think I'm just obsessed with my skin. Now that mos
  6. I so understand Kim! I wouldn't say that I regret but I don't think it changed much. The worst I think is the state of my skin post Tane. It's like a battle field after the war. It's good tough not to have "monsters" popping up and not having to worry about ugly white heads. Well for now. My skin is at a quiet state and I enjoy it. (I think BP on my chin every night helps a lot)
  7. Oh Kim, I relate so much!! I have become so obsessed with my skin!!! Even if I don't really have active acne right now. I think I almost feel uglier than when I did?? But it is probably just my ''focus'' that has changed. I used to obsess just over active spots and I felt relieved when they went away. Now I just look to my whole face and I notice so many things I hate about my skin. Large pores, bumps, scars, red marks, etc. And I am always so afraid of getting new spots. I thought Accutane wou
  8. I'm happy for you Derp!! I also find that my red marks improved!
  9. OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have two (maybe 3) new tiny ones on my forehead (close to my hairline). My forehead had been clear for 4-5 months now. It was the first to clear up. Does that mean that that was it?? I'm already going back to square one????? WTF!!! I just can't find words to express the horror I feel now. Sorry guys, I don't want to frighten you but I have to vent. I would like to add that I have never suffered from severe acne,but a mild-moderate persistent one. Like I used to always h
  10. Hi everyone, I really don't think your skin looks bad Derp! In a couple of months the red marks will fade away. As for the rolling scars, I think laser can be a good option but from what I read, you have to wait a bit after Tane to start it. Keep us updated!! I will also consider it if my skin doest not get worse in the upcoming months. Kim, I understand your frustration. I think at this point, they don't really know what to tell us. As for me, I don't know if I just stopped loosing hair
  11. Good attitude Lucy! The first I got were also the biggest and then I had just smaller pimples. You probably know that our skin is more sensitive on Accutane and I think it leads to more scarring than usual. So we have to be extra careful! My skin is not so bad these days. I think the last pimple I got was a week ago and it was pretty small and not bothering. I don,t know if it's because my face is clear from active acne that I focus more on the global aspect of my skin but I feel like its tex
  12. Thank you Lucy for your compassion and good wishes!! I see that you are experiencing the famous initial breakout, don,t worry, you will go through it! If I can give you an advice, it would be not to expect anything too soon and let things go! You will get better, that is one sure thing! I know when you read us you can feel discouraged but please don't! Take pictures!! It helps me so much when I look at mine, I can see and appreciate the improvement. It is a long ride. I wish you all the best!!!
  13. Hahaha Derp!! Thank you so much for laughing about this!! Its stupid to realize that we feel so miserable just because the way we look to others. I don't see my acne except for the couple of minutes I spend in front of the mirror, some people suffer for real! I feel so shallow, but I would not care so much if I was in a relationship. My main concern is really how I will get a man to deal with my crappy skin!! I did a mistake , I lighted my skin with a reading lamp (you know this strong white l
  14. OMG, that sucks !! My flare up also continues, a new one on my chin again, small but still! It itches. I hate it. sigh sigh sigh !!!!
  15. That's weird! I had a pint last Friday and 2 beers Saturday and it didn't cause any acne, but I think everyone is different anyway. I just don't see how it can be related? I'll pray for you too! How long have you been off? As for me, after being off for a couple of days I had a bad breakout, with angry inflamed spots. Now (my last pill was 2 weeks ago) it seems to be quieter. Is it possible that our skin reacts when we get off?