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  1. I only get acne on my chin, which doctors say is prob due to excess androgens before my period. I've been taking spironolactone for almost a year and it has worked wonderfully. But I have dry skin and using Spiro has made it a lot worse. I think it also makes me feel tired all the time. I'd like to get off it and find something more natural. So my question is what herbs or supplements are best for this type of hormonal acne? Would wild yam work?
  2. I have been on spironolactone for almost a year, 100 mg daily. The past few months I have noticed scars appearing on my face out of nowhere, where there was no previous acne or anything. I have only ever gotten acne on my chin anyway. I have a circular scar near my temple, forehead, and cheek. I googled it and atrophia maculosa varioliform came up, no known cause. But I have read some people's comments on forums and some said overload omega 3 and not enough calcium and vitamin d. Although I have