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  1. gee, thanks everyone! i would really consider changing cleansers. And i didn't know Cetaphil moisturizing lotion has oil. lol. So much for reading the label. And yes, i do think my skin is a bit different. I'm asian. Again, thanks everyone!
  2. Yeah, i guess my face is too oily and it's causing clogged pores. The problem is, when I don't moisurize at night, my skin gets really red in the morning. Anyway, I'm using Cetaphil cleanser, On-the-spot, and Cetaphil moisturizing lotion. Here's 'my' regimen. In the morning (before school): -Splash my face with water before showering. After my body and hair have been washed, use cetaphil on face for about 10seconds (sometimes more, about 20seconds, but not more than that). Rinse. -Pat my face
  3. Scars. Small, not-so-deep scars, but quite a few. where whiteheads have been. they make my skin surface sooo uneven.
  4. Sinubukan nio na ba CSR? I'm on it right now. Ewan ko...doesn't seem to be working all that well for me. After 8 weeks at wala pa rin, hihinto ko na...any suggestions?
  5. As a matter of fact, tea tree oil is very irritating. I guess it's okay if you don't have sensitive skin. I used it before and my skin got irritated and I broke out badly. But I dunno. I used body shop's Tea tree oil facial wash and toner...and yeah, not preferrable.
  6. Hey, I'm sorry I made you sad. Are u sad FOR me? or are you sad BECAUSE of me? But anyway, I read that 6-8 weeks is when you see initial results. So I'm not losing hope. Besides, my skin has improved a lot since I started CSR. I go out barefaced now and my acne is not very apparent. Except for some pimple. lol. Again, I'm sorry.
  7. My 4th week just ended today, and nothing seemed to happen. But now I have this really huge zit which alway come and go. It was on my right cheek 2weeks ago, and then it cleared. So I was like "ok, now I'll just have to wait for the red mark to go away"...but then yesterday I can feel that it's surfacing again and today it's on full bloom! So whatever happened to "prevent new [zits] from forming"? I don't really know what I'm doing wrong. I use all recommended products. I use enough BP, and app
  8. Ohhh...ok thanks! I think I know what you're talking about. My dad used to go to Chinese clinics and comes home with giant circular red marks on his back! Thanks!
  9. laser ruined my skin! realy. before, my problem area was only my forehead, so i thought a few sessions would do it. But after one session, i've had break outs all over my face! Who can expect me to go back?
  10. Hey Dan (or for anyone who can answer me) You said your acne was severe right? (didn't you?) Hmmm...i just wanted to ask if, after you started to clear from the CSR, you never had scarring or anything? I see your pictures and your skin is really great! No trace of any acne marks at all! So, if your acne was severe (severe enough for accutane), you must be very lucky not to get any scarring. Anyway, reason why I'm asking this is because I'm on the CSR and though I AM starting to clear, it's star
  11. hey! I wanted to go for acupuncture today. And I just have some questions to ask for those who did it before. Ok, so after they do the acupuncture, will there be red marks all over your body where the needles were put? And I went to the clinic yesterday and inquired about full-body acupuncture (and I also told the lady that I want it to improve my skin), and the lady suggested that I need not really go since my acne is "very few". But I still wanna go, as to improve my whole well-being too. I j
  12. so is it really ok to use it with BP?
  13. what do u mean symmetrical pimples? like a pimple on the left cheek is a mirror image of one on the right? lol. that would be quite freaky.