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A sadness I can't erase

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    on my face.
  1. Sometimes I got dropped off at school and simply went in the entrance door, walked all the way down the hall, and straight out the back door and then slowly home. I missed alot of school especially my junior and senior years.
  2. Eat alone in the library instead of the cafeteria. Then I got caught and just fasted the entire day at school from then on. I would take the long way back to my locker to avoid the main hallway. My best friend used to park his car in my driveway because I lived close to school. As soon as school let out, I'd rush home to get there before him so I could hide and avoid being asked to go out. Sometimes he'd come into the house calling my name, looking to find me, but he never did. (Didn't check
  3. I don't work until next Tuesday. So hopefully that'll be enough time for my face to somewhat improve.
  4. I really need the money, but I just can't show my face at work... or anywhere for that matter. These cysts just look horrid and I know they're going to take forever to heal. I just wish I knew what caused them. I'm sure we all do... sigh
  5. I have SA. This forum helps a lot: www.socialanxietysupport.com
  6. I hate it when I slide the backside of my hand against my face to confirm my skin is smooth and "clear," but when I look in the mirror it's all blotchy.
  7. This was a stupid post. I was extremely mad at the time. Sorry, people, for wasting your time.
  8. then I caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror - in natural sunlight. Let's just say I'm staying in today.
  9. I give a shit, and so do a lot of people. And yes, people do remember who was popular 5 years after high school because they're still all friends! I just saw an episode of Everyone Loves Raymond where he went to his high school reunion. He ran into the guy (along with his sidekick) who used to throw him in the girl's bathroom, along with a really hot and popular girl that him and his friends used to like. There's just some stuff you don't forget. Being popular is good for networking. Networki
  10. Think back to high school or college. Did you ever see anybody that hung with the "cool" crowd and was butt ugly? Rarely. It's socially unacceptable to be associated with ugly people unless you are ugly yourself. And have you ever noticed how good-looking people tend to only socialize with other good-looking people? It's true. Water likes to seek it's own level. They are also more approachable, perceived as amiable and smarter, and well-respected. Good-looks are your foot-in-the-door to many thi
  11. Being a male, I am supposed to provide security, financial support (breadwinner), and order in the relationship. I find this extremely hard to do with social anxiety and acne. Insecurity is a biggie. If I'm not confident/comfortable with myself, how will I be able to offer anything good in a relationship? For some reason, I think women have it easier. They can play the "victim" while we come and "rescue" them without being scrutinized. Men are also expected to do all the initiating: "What do y
  12. I feel you. I can't keep a relationship due to the unpredictedness of acne. I only go out when my skin is clear. So, if I happen to meet somebody, I will most likely end up ditching them later on when I break out again.
  13. I knew a kid in high school with pretty bad acne who was popular. He was a major dick though. Always being loud in class and making dumb/funny comments. I think he did a lot of drugs too. But his acne didn't prevent him from being very outgoing and social. I guess he was able to maintain that "who cares?" "fuck it all" attitude. It's all in our minds.