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  1. Please give the link to the source you are linking to. Also, it would be great if you will post all researches you have regarding micro-coring. Thanks.
  2. Can you share information about FS2? I missed it.
  3. Do you have schizophrenia? I didn't say anything rude or offensive. Stop getting hysterical over everything. If you have anything against me then PM me. But right now there's no more irrelevant post than yours. That research with 10-years-old boy is not what we're waiting for. In that test they used a different technique. They applied SkinTE on underlying fibrotic scar tissue if I got it right. This approach won't regenerate hair follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat glands, fat and so on. In th
  4. This is an idle talk. Contact them to get an explanation or wait for well-posed experiment with full thickness excision.
  5. It clearly showed scar-free healing on pre-existing scar. Even if remove it partly.
  6. This will happen gradually, I think. 2,5 cm patches (1 inch). The margin isn't deep. If you take a closer look you will see similar lines on the both sides (native skin and skinTE).
  7. I don't think so. But what is true in is anyone's guess. We should wait for the results of the research.
  8. Don't take it seriously. Journalists can distort the meaning. If this would be a scientific paper the we can be sure it's true. PolarityTE states some intersting things in that article, sush as "The regenerated skin also will develop hair follicles, Lough said", “Skin regeneration will propel us into numerous other arenas,” the company website said, “including bone, muscle, fascia, cartilage and nerve.” We can interpret them as scar-free healing (or scar-less which can mean the same in so
  9. Seems like it can mean both scar-free and almost scar-free. scarless in British (ˈskɑːləs) adjective 1. lacking a scar or blemish 2. tending to leave no scar or blemish
  10. Is there any research paper of skinTe?
  11. No, as I know. We should contact him for new information.
  12. Dr. Sun said it about a year ago.
  13. preparation for human trial.