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  1. angelcat

    Acne = Vitamin deficiency

    how much vitamin C and E is it safe to take?
  2. well yes, but what about the testimonies of people who used it for prolonged times and said it's great? in this very site for example: http://www.acne.org/rate_item.php?item_id=199 http://www.acne.org/rate_item.php?item_id=199&page=2 if you check it out the opinions are divided half and half pretty much. same with everyone i've talked to. are half the people that tried it crazy? maybe. now, according to the people that DID have results, you need to use it continually for some time in orde
  3. why do you say that? it's weird because about half the people say it's GREAT and the rest say it's a complete hoax.
  4. supposedly the active component is the thing that helps snails fix their shell and reconstitute their body. according to some people, it's amazing. i don't know though. it's also pretty expensive so i'd like to be a bit certain before i try it.
  5. i've been reading about the exfoliation and it does sound great, but i am currently ending my Accutane treatment. i guess exfoliating would hurt my skin more than helping it?
  6. has anyone heard about this? i saw an infommercial about a product that was mostly composed of land snail mucins. it said it helps the skin regenerate in amazing ways because snails use it to fix their shell etc. i just dont know how real this is because i can't trust the tv enough. its advertised to "correct skin imperfections (red and brown spots etc), help heal acne, improve wrinkles, etc etc etc.
  7. angelcat

    2 types of red marks

    by the way, my skin is really very pale, so that might have something to do with it.
  8. i used to get these very big boils. now my skin is basically clear, but i still have these horrible red marks. now, i've been reading the tips here and i will try them out. but i have a question. i noticed that i have a few red spots that are a really dark red. all the other red spots i've ever had are normally red-pink, but these few are almost blood red and look kind of different, kind of thin and not very skin-like at all. is this normal? angela
  9. angelcat

    post cyst problems

    hello, my name is angela, and i have this problem. i used to get some pretty big boils. also, as a teenager who didn't know any better, i always tried squeezing them out. the good thing is that now my acne is pretty reduced and controlled, i don't get boils anymore, but there are a couple of spots where BIG boils used to be that have become some sort of "pockets" that get filled with white matter (im not sure if that's pus or just grease or what). so the question is, is this normal? will those "