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  1. It didnt work 8 hrs for me. Depending on how oily you are it might. I am extremely oily so it worked about 3-4 hrs. It can leave a white film if you apply too much or do not rub it in well.
  2. I had inquired about having it done and all the plastic surgeons diverted me into laser direction. One said he does perform it still but on very severe cases. Another doc. said that it was "old school" and hardly anyone does it anymore cuz there are better alternatives that are less risky. Finding one among the new docs. out there is rare and have to find one thats been around awhile...and of course one whose performed tons of them. Im sure it probably does yield the better results cuz removi
  3. No. I wish that I had been placed on it longer. My skin then was the best it had ever looked.
  4. Yes! It makes life miserable. No one wants to touch your face, glasses slide down, hair gets stuck to your head, make-up slides right off and changes color, face has a reflection, itches, you touch your face and oil gets all over your hands & nails and I can go on and on. It truly affects your quality of life.
  5. Hey, you gotta love the Britney. Yes, Oc8 does leaves a white film and best to apply it in a mirror at a window to make sure its rubbed in properly. If one wears makeup it can cover up the film better. It doesnt keep you oil free for 8 hrs like it claims but it kept me for about 4- 5 on average. Which is darn good. Yes, its pricey and I only wore it when leaving the house to conserve it. Accutane was the best thing and brought me 5 months of much needed relief. Was good while it lasted
  6. Duac and Retin A isnt going to do a thing to control oil. They are for breakouts. OC8 is the best thing to apply topically to absorb the oil. Why are you wanting to apply other products under your Retin-A? It works best when applied at night before bed and you dont need a toner. Best thing wash face ,apply Oc8 right before you leave and carry those pesky blotting sheets. Ask your derm. for Tazorac instead of the above acne meds....Tazorac can be drying to the skin which can bring some relie
  7. Nice advertisment Jason Natural Products you think we are supposed to believe you are a real poster... you just joined today.
  8. Only heel pain. Went away after I stopped taking Tane.
  9. Yes it works pretty good but not 8 hrs like the name implies. Its the best thing topically I've found.
  10. Its not gonna shrink your pores. Well, you are on 20 mg at 3 weeks so it may take a while longer for the skin to become dry. I started to become dry around 1 month point at 60 mg day.