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defeat the curse

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  1. Thats pretty mild bro, you'll be clear of it all in no time.
  2. Thanks! though I wish it did. I hate it, its been giving me jip for like 4 years now
  3. From the album: me

    they seem to have moved in on me again, little bastards
  4. defeat the curse


    Its kinda cleared now but dis is how it was
  5. I get em on my back like that, i used to have it a lot worse though, it looks pretty clear on this pick. any tips for dealing with outbreaks? cheers bro.
  6. defeat the curse

    Photo 1

    Thats kinda what my skin looks like in the light. Any tips on getting a little smoother? id like to know, cheers bro. take care
  7. Wheres the acne pictures then! your a very pretty lady, so with or without acne itd make no difference to your looks
  8. defeat the curse

    Left cheek

    hey man, that'll clear up in no time i guarantee.
  9. From the album: me

    skin looks better now but this is a bad pose!