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  1. hey huni!! im in the same position you are.... having acne I went on a course of roaccutane in 2006/2007 and it was great!! The dermo made me start taking antibiotics first, which worked straight away to clear up my skin, then a month later I started with the roaccutane. My skin was amazing, I was so happy and like you, once my skin cleared the obvious scars were bothering me but looking back now, it was nothing compared to the actual breakouts!! Then towards the end of 2008 I started to ha
  2. thanks guys for the support! Well I went to the derm today. I was the 1st one to be seen...I was so nervous, going through in my head what I was going to say. All I had on my mind was how I would leave that room with a prescription for accutane in my hand. I went in and he asked me all the questions about my acne, how long I was clear after my previous accutane course and other general questions. He had a look at my face and back. He said my back was actually quite spotty which suprised me cos
  3. My goodness..the NHS has improved by leaps and bounds. I have an appointment to see the derm next wk! how quick was that. its on wed and i am sooooo excited! my skin has in the mean time improved in the past few weeks with dianette. a bit of a good and bad thing. i just have mild acne now - just as before so i dont know what will happen on wed. i am sure when i actually go to see the derm my face will be completely clear and then it will be a battle to get the tane. we will see. got a wk to buil
  4. Just wanted to say hi! Will be following your log. You will do so well with accutane and the dark marks will fade..trust me. I am African and was on the tane. It worked really well and all the dark spots (and mine were terrible!) that I thought would never fade did eventually but sadly my acne returned with the dark spots as well. My acne is very similar to yours when you started cos I think you have improved a lot from your pics. I wish you all the best, you will be so glad you went throught th
  5. My face got a little worse and I finally decided I had enough. I have spent so much time almost in a depression about the way my skin looks that I just didnt want to continue to feel like this anymore. I know I am a beautiful person but I just cant see it when my face is the way it is. And if I cant, how can anyone else? Anyway, I found one pack of dianette hanging around the house and started taking it. Then I booked an appointment with my GP, who I just saw. I told her how unhappy I was with
  6. it was so funny reading my log from almost 2 years back. its so helpful for me cos i forgot all the little details that i had mentioned in my log. well accutane worked a treat! my skin was (note not is) clear for almost 6 months. it was the best time for my skin in a very long time. i used to wake up and almost be in disbelief that i didnt have any spots. it was so great and the compliments! even without make up were amazing! and my PIH cleared nicely. i was so more confident than before. those
  7. end of week 12+3 so much for even better skin news...i have two spots..one huge and the other ok. they have both settled now but the big one is a bit raw and has been flaking off. iyesterday i was so rushed off my feet at work that i dint notive i had a huge flake hanging off my skin..and trust the lovely people around me not to tell me all day. anyway apart from the spots not much else to report. skin is still dry and nose is sore but otherwise, i am pretty happy with my skin. going to see th
  8. end of week 11 things are better this week. i think my body is getting used to the higher dose of roaccutane and its not reacting as badly as it was. the rash at the back of my hands have almost disppeared but i still have some unusual rashes and bumps and areas of my skin and i have had a few nosebleeds. spot wise - no new additions, which is great....my anxiety levels have reduced when it comes to looking at a mirror in full light. sounds stupid, i know but its fab! i went to a shop that ha
  9. well to answer my original question...life after doxy for me was acne!!! i sensed it would happen and sure enough it did. the first few months on doxy were good but then all of a sudden it just stopped working and my acne came back with a vengance (is that the right spelling? ) anyway..i erupted everywhere face, chest, back, arms and i got really low so i went to my gp, got referred to a derm and now i am on roaccutane. you can check out my so i guess antibiotics arent for everyone. some adv
  10. end of week 10 decided to stay on 60mg and hope for the best and well some things have got better, while others have got worse. better - my IB seems to be over (touch wood) but i am left with a really obvious hypopigmented area that seems to not want to heal. on the acne side of things no active spots, just two healing ones from the IB worse - my skin is so dry and i have developed areas of what to me looks like eczema without the itch and some funny rashesmy lips are constantly peeling and
  11. i have got that as well!!! the eczema/ rash on the back of my hands is driving me nuts. at first i was sure it was an allergic rxn to something but now i know its the roaccutane. its annoying isnt it? mine itches 70% of the time i am awake and i have to tell myself it will all be worth it in the end. what dose are you on and have you found anything that works for it? I wonder why it comes up on the back of the hands...its such a random place. you would expect it to be all over since its an or
  12. yeah..i know! i can manage to psyche myself to not pick a spot for like a few days but mine stays for at least a week and its like its just teasing you to do it! and it leaves a mark anyway (though that mark tends to clear up quicker) but i dunno what to do..my hands are still very itchy and dont look nice at all..it looks like i have really bad eczema all over the back of my hands and its a little raw from all the scratching. also, i use gloves where i work and it really aggravates it. i am t
  13. thanks for the advice. its actually cleared up a bit now. i have just got PIH on the area now. i was so worried it wouldnt go away. Hopefully i will get back my pretty hands in a few weeks. thank God its not worse cos there would be no chance of me contacting my derm by any means. i live in the UK and its a free service so its not the easiest thing to get in contact with your derm unless you have a scheduled appointment or you are having an emergency Well its week 9 today i think and omg..i th
  14. i talked too soon! i have a huge spot coming up on the side of my mouth and its painful boohoohoo..i have resisted the urge to get in there and kill the bugger but i dont know how long i can last. it looks like its one of those that will keep me company for a while. and another thing - i was reading the roaccutane leaflet that comes with the tabs and it says one of the uncommon side effects is an allergic skin reaction - and this fits in with the rash on my hands . it suggests that if this hap
  15. end of month 2! wow! cant believe it! but great news i have been acne free all week and i have had so many comments and how good my skin is looking (with makeup) and its great! only thing is the lip dryness has been insane. i guess this is cos last week my derm bumped up my dose to 60mg - since then my lips have been peeling off and i have developed this rash at the back of my hands (has anyone had this before?) i suspect it might just be an allergic reaction but i cant help thinking on the