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  1. I've came across a strange thought... Just a week ago I accidentally peeled a piece of skin off while washing my face because it was peeling so much with Mandelic Acid. The area formed a scab and dropped off a few days later, leaving absolutely no trace of discoloration or anything - the skin even appears fresher and smoother. Could it be possible that if you rip off the skin of a red mark, it will form a scab and once it fall off, the redness shall be gone as you have stimulated the skin's o
  2. I'm not sure but I think it's a bit unwise to incorporate MA into your regimen right now because MA exfoliates your skin and with the SA and all that BP it would probably dry your skin out like crazy, causing your skin to produce more oil, which means more pimples... however you could try applying a little bit a day first and see how it goes on...
  3. I've been using MA for 3 days and have never experienced any peeling before. I believe this particular situation has been mentioned before but can't seem to find the page where it was said. So can somebody who have used MA for a considerable time pls answer me if no peeling is a good or bad sign and is that an indication that MA is not working which means I have to apply an increasing amount in more frequent times? I have a clear face and am only spot-treating the one red mark btw. Thanks!!!!
  4. noether - you can get mandelic acid at skincarerx.com pop over to the scar forum as there's a thread consisting of about 46 pages on the serum
  5. I've been wondering lately, it seems that all types of scars, no matter how you got them in the first place, or how they appear now, always seems to cause a change in the texture of the skin. i.e. you can feel where they are without even looking at the mirror. Is this always the case with scars? Or are there particular types that are smooth and flat in appearance and doesn't cause a change to the skin texture, just simply appearing as a discolouration patch on the skin?
  6. Hey ppl I got my 10% serum yesterday... applied it yesterday night and today it left a white film but no peeling whatsoever... it's too early to say but will post results periodically! But just wondering tho... do you rub the serum in or just dab on gently and leave it? For all those who have used it.. How long did it take to see visible improvements in your red marks?
  7. Katu, keep us posted on the results of the 10% serum ok? And good luck with it!
  8. Thanks a lot littlefingers and Sgt Pepper!
  9. ..it did not, it did get rid of the pin sized marks and made them considerably lighter. When you're using mandelic is gives you a false result due to the toughening and scalling of the skin, once i was off the mandelic the marks were more apparent then what i viewed whilst on it.
  10. That's not a scar, it's probably post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation if it's brown, or a macule if it's red. Those stay for quite awhile (usually months) before fading away. But when it does you can't tell it's ever been there. May consider trying stuff like mandelic acid to speed up the fading...
  11. I would say a scar causes a change to the texture of the skin. Not too sure though... but if you can feel it without looking then there's an almost definite chance that it is a scar.
  12. Why not pop by the mandelic acid thread and have a look? The acid seems to show a lot of promise on fading red marks...