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  1. Wow congrats!! Just wondering.. Are certain grains (even oats for breakfast) and fruit a total no no on the diet? Or can you introduce them back in in small amounts of as "treats" after the 6-7 month mark. Thanks! Once again congrats on the success you luk great!
  2. Go for the continental sausages with at least 90% pork.... Less likely to have so much fillers
  3. I prefer the full hog... Each passing month that goes by it feels as though my hormones are becoming more balanced Im planning on eating this way for a minimum of 6 months then introducing different foods and see how I get on. Im following a PCOS detox plan....totally clear and have being doing it strict for only one month. Dairy/Caffeine/Fruit/Starchy Vegetables/Alcohol free and obvious junk food diet Yes it tough, requires planning but it WORKS! I also take Saw Palmetto, and Chasteberr
  4. I take it with "chasteberry".... Been takin it since the 17th of this month I think? Its a tincture so its: 15-20 drops of agnus cactus/chasteberry in a bit of water twice daily (Description: This herb has a long tradition of use as a general ‘balancer’ for the female hormones. Despite its common name, Chaste Tree, Agnus castus is actually a shrub found in the Mediterranean. The fruit of the plant is used in phytotherapy and gives off a pleasant peppermint-like smell. How it Works: Th
  5. Also gave up green tea, IN its place I know drink twinnigs "cleanse" and "digestive" teas. Basically herbal infusion of the following: spearmint, peppermint, fennel seeds, nettle, milk thistle.. Low carb diet combined with this makes your skin *GLOW* I find
  6. I dont thinks it will cause any problems as such...I eat tonnes of eggs...sometimes I get a lil worried with the amount I consume but theyre just so versatile, quick and tasty....its like healthy "fast food" .... Just put it this way....is having 1-2 boiled eggs as a snack better for you than having a packet of greasy crisps, or a choco bar....hmmm doesnt bear thinking! lol Anytime I look at nutrionists and their "nutritional guidelines" and them telling me to limit myconsumption of eggs I j
  7. Green Tea - Herbal DHT Blocker Green Tea is an extremely powerful anti-oxidant. It also reduces dht and cholesterol. It is believed that drinking the tea or taking a pill extract can stop hair loss and facilitate re-growth. Green tea contains flavonols and catechins, substances that have been found to have significant antioxidant, antitumor, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. Polycystic ovarian syndrome Green tea’s ability to increase the production of sex-hormone-binding globul
  8. Mushroom soup mmmm!! Havent really got measurements as such so just kind of experiment I guess lol Ingredients: Chicken stock/Vegetable stock (Homemade/Store Bought Dont use cubes or granules!) Mushrooms Butter Celery Onion Granules (I use this instead of using onions to reduce the carb content ) Salt and Pepper Chop celery finely, put in a heavy thick saucepan with fitted lid and cover and cook until soft with a good bit of butter. Dont let them brown. Next add the onion powder. Let it si
  9. Fruit (majorly!) Nuts Dairy (except butter can eat tonnes of the stuff!!!) Bread/Flour/Grains etc Anything high in carbs!....even the humble carrot to excess On the other hand... Meat Vegetables Fat And Water/Green Tea Keep me Clear!