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  1. You live too far away...but, you work at the same place? Can you...meet somewhere in the middle? Take in a movie, grab lunch, or something...? Does she have a car, or, do you think either of you would have transportation of your own in the near future? Hmm. Well, I imagine you'd at least see her at work, I guess. Whatever the outcome, don't forget to explain that you like her too, she'd be flattered, I'm sure.
  2. Well, uhm...I'm not gay, so, I'm afraid I couldn't tell ya'. And, I've always been of the opinion that that's not the type of thing you choose, and that open-mindedness and acceptance are more important than very ambiguous "How"'s and "Why"'s. You're treading on very thin ice asking those types of questions, please try not to offend anyone... What exactly prompted that sort of comment in the "Emotional and Psychological Effects of Acne" board, by the way?
  3. To be rich is not economically feasible in American terms which is the context you were originally speaking about. Seeing as how a nice house costs anywhere from $500,000 to a $1,000,000 in today's real estate market again doesn't support this economically "feasible" claim. I do like the word "socioeconomic" not "socioeconomical", with the latter not even being a word. I suppose this sophomoric mistake on your part is characterisitic of your educational level which is probably somewhere at th
  4. I second the motion...! My dermatologist gave me a few samples (she's always good for freebies...), and they've worked just as well as anything else I've tried. I not entirely sure of the exact price...but, it's under 15 dollars, I know. 12 something, I think. Make sure (if you decide to give it a go), that you get the type for sensitive skin, the other kind isn't oil-free, I don't think. And the one I use has SPF 30. I'm a fan of the higher SPF's, because the idea of ever segwaying from acne to
  5. My understanding is that Retin-A works more to prevent acne, by regulating the processes of your skin and what-not, whereas the sulfur mask would treat whatever's already cropped up. So...the sulfur mask might has more of a noticeable effect. And the only things I've heard that counteract Retin-A are benzoyl peroxide and sunlight. So, I think you're safe...!
  6. In my experience (though, I've never been on Accutane either), the best moisturization you can get for your money is Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment. Under two dollars, and it's a pretty universal brand, so...you can get 'em pretty much anywhere...I go to CVS for my fix. Red and white squeeze tube. If your lips are really dry, you'd want to stick with an ointment/cream or the like; a stick's too waxy, wouldn't do much for you. But, my reccomendation there is Kiss My Face Lip Balm in Sliced Peach,
  7. If you've got a natural foods store in your area, there is usually tea tree oil to be had. Just follow the new age/hippie-type crowd... ;) And, no, I've never really given it a try. But I hope it works well for you...!
  8. Sure thing. You'll get a trophy. Annnd...we'll put your new face on a t-shirt, and send them to all the acne.org kids. Actually, what we should REALLY get is some kind of rebate coupon for all the money we've shelled out on acne products over the years..am I right?
  9. We sound similar, but if my math figures correctly, you've got just shy of a year on me. I'm relishing that it's summer...hardly any obligations. I hole up in my house, keep in touch with my friends through a safe, preferably lengthy distance via the telephone. I recently quit my job (as a waitress, talk about putting yourself out there...good god.) Takes confidence. I didn't quit because of my skin, so much as some internal affairs issues, and I'm heading to Chicago in about a week...but I'd be
  10. Eh, depending on the dermatologist, bangs either A) spell inevitable doom or B) are relatively benign. I had bangs, broke out with them, and cleared up with them; then I ditched the bangs, and broke out without them...if that makes sense. So, in my experience? Just keep 'em clean, and pulled off your face when you aren't trying to impress anyone. HOWEVER, give the no-bangs business a go, it could work wonders for you, who's to say. Good luck!
  11. Well, I've never been a fan of Kelly. Or Jessica. Or, um...P., for lack of a first name...(though, I guess it's Sean, right? Eh, pop culture.) But, I think we all recognize we're being a bit hyper-sensitive, right? Because everyone posting here looks in the mirror and thinks "Oh gross, acne." Same adjective. Though we probably have the tact not to jump in front of a camera and start chatting about it. She may have not had it as bad as a number of us, and she's famous and clear now, but...we say
  12. I had that trouble, until I switched over to Azelex (active ingredient is azeleic acid, which combats acne much the same way benzoyl peroxide does, but to a slightly lesser degree) which has managed to keep my skin from flaking. So far as moisturizers are concerned, Clinique's Extra-Thristy Skin Relief has saved me on any number of occasions.
  13. Wow, I'm sorry you've had to go through all this too...my skin up and decided to make my life miserable starting around the 6th grade, and by the time I'd turned 13 it'd managed to proliferate across my shoulders and on down my back. I felt absolutely ridiculous; everyone else in my class had the porcelin skin you're supposed to have at age 11...but no, not I, I had an inferiority complex and limited wardrobe options. Lucky. Me. Over the past number of years (I just turned 17 recently) I've been
  14. Currently, I'm using Revlon ColorStay-Active. It's sweatproof, which is ideal as I live where it's ordinarily in the 90 degree range...I also work in a restaraunt, and it manages to withstand the heat of the kitchen while I run all over the place for 8 hours at a time. Gets my vote.
  15. Age: Seventeen Gender: Female Acne status: Hmm...moderate, in my estimation. Favorite thing about yourself: I'm genuinely compassionate. And...I bake well? What would you change about yourself (other than acne): I wish I were more inspired. Or confident, but that would tie in with the acne bit, I imagine. Or patient. Or charming. Or shorter, or that I did the laundry more often and didn't consistently microwave things and then forget and leave them there. Favorite movie: I'm not such a fan. But,